Mumbai Rail map MRM Documentation Video HD

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Photographer Zack Arias Takes a Trip to Mumbai
Gabriella Demetriades is a South African model

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Unreliable Meru Cab call center booking

After the second cancellation by meru plus after calling up their call center I can confidenly say Meru plus call center booking have become unreliable.


Called Meru plus at 8 am and booked a cab for 10 am .

The Rep confirmed that the booking was confirmed (but the he seemed cold and distant like he was not enthu about his job) .

Got a call at 9.59 saying the booking was cancelled because there were no cabs available?


Be ready for cancelled cab booking from meru plus call center booking.

Earlier a cab driver said that there is more chance of having a confirmed booking by booking via their online app .

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OktoberFest 2014

Ever wonder what they are drinking at Oktoberfest in Germany? Wonder no longer. Come to The Barking Deer Brewpub and experience an authentic Oktoberfest with the beer and food that festival goers are enjoying in Munich.

The Barking Deer has brewed a delicious amber lager called Marzen. This style is the traditional beer enjoyed at Oktoberfest since 1818. Marzen was traditionally brewed every year in March (thus the named Marzen) and stored in underground caves until the fall festival. Before reliable refrigeration, March was the last chance to brew before summer temperatures became too warm.

The Barking Deer will also have other authentic German styles such as Kolsch, a very light crisp ale, and a Dunkelweizen, a dark delicious wheat beer. Soft pretzels with beer is a perfect combination. Food will feature wienerschnitzel, kurrywurst, flammkuchen (German-style pizza), potato dumplings and apple struddel. Our house DJ will play a mix of current music and German festival tunes to keep the spirit lively.

So this Oktoberfest don’t settle for a bucket of cheap domestic brew like the other places are offering. Come to The Barking Deer and party like you are in Munich.

Dates: Thursday October 9 – Sunday October 12.
•Thurs – Sat, 7PM to 1:30AM, tickets are Rs.1,600/- all inclusive of tips and taxes. Includes all food and 4 beer tickets. Groups booking tickets of 8 or more receive an all-you-can drink beer package.
•Sunday, 12 PM to 6PM, tickets are Rs. 2000/- all inclusive of tips and taxes. Includes all food and all the beer you desire.

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Land Care and Community’ Van Utsav at Vanvadi from Oct 9 to 14, 2014

We warmly invite you, your family and friends to the the ‘Land Care and Community’ Van Utsav at Vanvadi from Oct 9 to 14, 2014
The Van Utsav is a multi-generational, open-agenda, self-organised gathering to celebrate nature and community — with responsibility. The participants themselves offer to conduct specific activities, workshops or discussions related to this theme. These are announced on a common billboard, stating the time and place of each. People join what they like.
Some time every day is reserved for joint gatherings — for miscellaneous announcements (including workshops/activities offered); and to facilitate collective self-organising and sharing of work responsibilities, including food preparation, serving, cleaning, living arrangements, etc. (Work shirkers, be warned!) After dinner, there is usually singing and music around a bonfire, ending by 11 pm. (So bring along your music instruments and song books!)
As you know, Vanvadi is a collectively owned organic forest farm (more forest than farm) in the foothills of the Sahyadris, between Mumbai and Pune, about 100 km from Mumbai, and 12 km from Neral Railway station. It aspires to evolve into an ecological forest village community. Presently, it offers only rustic accommodation (roof and mud floor!) in a lovely natural environment, without grid electricity or piped water. As we have very limited built accommodation, please bring along your own/borrowed/hired tent and sleeping gear, or be prepared to sleep under the open moonlit/starlit sky!
Van Utsav theme for October, 2014
Following the ‘Back to the Land’ gathering at Pune a few months ago, this year’s Van Utsav at Vanvadi will focus on ‘Land Care and Community’. We expect there will be several workshops and discussions related to soil building, water harvesting, forest and biodiversity regeneration, organic farming/gardening, permaculture, SRI, composting, seed saving, live hedges, renewable energy, ecological habitats, sustainable land-based livelihoods, non-formal learning, community building, conflict resolution, etc.
In the past, we have also had varied workshops/activities like swimming, rope-walking, yoga, meditation, natural healing, massage, jewellery-making and other crafts, star-gazing, bird/night-life watching, etc. All these and such like are permitted too!
Suggested Voluntary Contributions
In order to meet various costs, including food – and to support the work at Vanvadi – we are requesting a voluntary contribution of Rs 450 per person per day, and Rs 300 per day for each child within 12 years. Contributions more or less than this would be equally welcome!
Basic Responsibilities
In view of the potential hazards of a forest environment, all participants need to take full individual and collective responsibility to look after themselves, and especially any children accompanying them.
The rock pool is over 18 feet deep, and strictly for swimmers only; but a few shallower, waist-deep water-bodies are also available for non-swimmers and learners.
Keeping the Vanvadi space free of plastics and city litter; respect for the place, the local people and fellow participants; and sharing of common work, are other basic responsibilities.
Registration to join. Please fill up the following Google Registration form:

Prior registration (by 5th October) is essential as we have a ceiling of 80 participants, including children. Those who register early with advance contribution will be given priority; also those who bring their own tent. If you can’t register online or on time for whatever reason, write to us and we’ll see what we can manage.
For correspondence and more info
Vinita 022-23542420 & 09769291586, Neesha 09833865076, Sanjiv 09892212133 or Rishi 09322727415
We look forward to seeing you!

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Breakfree Journeys goes Exploring Fort! September 28

breakfree fort

The H-shaped island of Bombay was a few hundred years ago was nothing more than a marshy area. Inhabited by the natives, the surrounding islands comprised Heptanesia as Ptolemy noted before those few hundred years. The Portuguese were the first European powers to arrive and colonise the islands and also the nearby Salcette. Save for a botanist named Garcia Da Orta, the island of Bombay wasn’t occupied.

But when Prince Charles of Britain married the Catherine of Braganza, sister of the King of Portugal, he received a few of these islands as dowry. And thus begins the story of modern day Bombay. From its transfer to the East India company and back to the crown, to the struggle of Independence and final transfer to the rightful owners of Bombay – the city has been a part of a tumultuous time in history.

Enduring all through, the Fort still remains. Not in stone but in the public consciousness and this walk is about the Fort. About its origins, its growth and its final demolition in the 1860s. Join us this Sunday as we introduce you to the erstwhile geography and history of the city, that still is the Urbs Prima in Indis. We welcome you to be a part of this walk which will acquaint you with the rich heritage that our city holds within herself.

The walk will begin at Gateway of India, at 5PM on Sunday.

A total of 8-10 participants will be allowed on this walk, so book your ticket soon!

To register: get your tickets on the link above and for queries call us up on 9820023362!

Exploring Fort Walk 28th Sept ₹ 850.00 Exploring Fort walk, 28th Sept, 5pm onwards

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Laptop Stolen from Car, CCTV Catches,Mumbai-TV9

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Dharavi – a Look Inside.

Be the Local Tours and Travels.Com

5-154B, Municipal Bldg, Main Road, Dharavi, Mumbai-400017.

+91 9930027370 / +91 9664376369 / (24 hrs.)
Hours: Open today · 12:00 am – 11:30 pm

Slumgods Tours and Travel

Address: B-36, Near Dharavi Hospital,, Kunchikorve Nagar, 60 Feet Rd, R P Nagar, Dharavi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400017
Phone:082 86 487779
+91 9167426537
Hours: Open today · 8:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Breaking Bombay: Bboys (Part 6)

Bboys and Bgirls are the heart of the Hip-Hop scene in Mumbai. They are numerous, organised, and attract all the attention.

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