This Week at the Lab: Dec 27-30

Thursday, Dec 27
3 pm / Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum
The floor-decorating practice of rangoli is an art form steeped in tradition—experience this ritual on a grand scale as artists from around India face off in a competition. Help them complete their masterpieces and then choose the top designs.
Bombay Our City
6 pm / Sambhaji Park
Join us for a screening of the iconic 1985 film, Bombay, Our City, followed by a discussion between the filmmakers Faiza Khan and Anand Patwardhan.
Friday, Dec 28
Participatory Planning
5 pm / Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum
The Municipal Corporation is now preparing Mumbai’s next development plan, scheduled to run from 2014–2034. Join this panel discussion on the citizen’s role in government development and participatory planning in Mumbai.
Flash Mob
6:30 pm / Sambhaji Park
Grab your friends and family and come participate in a fun, fleeting Mumbai Lab pop-up dance event. Celebrate the city by bringing the “me” and “we” together! 
Saturday, Dec 29
An Auto-Taxi Discussion
3 pm / Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum
The Lab is calling all stakeholders to join for this collaborative roundtable discussion about how we can make improvements to the taxi/auto rickshaw system; how it can lead to win-win solutions for trade and the city; and how it can bridge the gap between public and private transport.
Women and Social Spaces
6 pm / Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum 
There are very few spaces in Mumbai designated just for women. What could those spaces look like and how would they affect women’s comfort, safety, and ability to express themselves? Discuss and help explore this question at this interactive, women-only event.
Sunday, Dec 30
Design Challenge
6 pm / Sambhaji Park
This event brings together Navji, a slum contractor, and students from the Rachna Sansad architecture program to exchange opinions, knowledge, and skills regarding the challenges of creating low-cost housing in Mumbai.
Mera Apna Sheher
7 pm / Sambhaji Park
What role does gender play in public space? Mera Apna Sheher (My Own City) depicts the city as a contested terrain caught between belonging and alienation.

The Kabir Festival 2013!

After a successful Festival in 2012, we are back with The Kabir Festival 2013! Save your dates from 9th Jan to 13th Jan 2013!

9th January 2013
4.00pm: Learning workshop with Mukhtiyar Ali
7.00 pm: Music – Parvathy Baul & Bindhumalini & Vedanth (Khar W)

10th January 2013
2.00pm: Film – The Unknown Bard Directed by Tanvir Mokammel || Music – Lakshman Das Baul (Breach Candy)
8.00pm: Music – Mooralala Marwada & Mukhtiyar Ali (Dadar)

11th January 2013
10.00am: Music – Lakshman Das Baul (Kings Circle)
11.00am: Music – Makeshift Band & Mooralala Marwada (Vidyavihar)
4.00pm: Interactive workshop with Prahlad Tipanya (Fort)
6.00pm :Meditative Masti Music – Mukhtiyar Ali & Mooralala Marwada( Vashi)
7.00pm: Dastangoi by Ankit Chaddha & Music – Bindhu Malini & Vedanth Bhardwaj ( Nariman Point)

12th January 2013
6.30 am : Prahlad Tipanya ( Gateway of India)
2.00pm: Film – Koi Sunta hai (Andheri)
4.00pm: Film – Chalo Hamara Des (Andheri)
6.00pm: – Dastango Ankit Chadha & Music – Shabnam Virmani, Mooralala Marwada, Mukhtiyar Ali (Carter Road)

13th January 2013
10.00am: Interactive workshop with Mukhtiyar Ali (Juhu)
11.00am: Dastangoi & Music – Prahlad Tipanya (Bhendi Bazar)
2.00pm: Film – Had Anhad (Andheri)
6.00 pm: Music – Prahlad Tipanya, Mukhtiyar Ali, Mooralala Marwada (Borivali)

Announcing Special Event Featuring Sachin Tendulkar

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Special Event with Sachin Tendulkar
Hello again!

We are pleased to announce that the BMW Guggenheim Lab will be hosting a special event with cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar. Join us Friday at 11 am, IST at the Lab’s main site at the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum for a conversation with Sachin about growing up in Mumbai.

The event is free and open to the first 400 members of the public to arrive.

Please contact us at with any questions.

We hope to see you there!

The BMW Guggenheim Lab Team

Photo: courtesy of Pulkit Sinha, used by permission under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic
BMW Guggenheim Lab
BMW Guggenheim Lab
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Open through Jan 20, 2013. Presented in Mumbai in collaboration with the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum.
Visit us online at

Kick Stars Charity Football Match for kids @ Churchgate 22nd of December

Project play, a Mumbai based NGO will be organizing an under-16 football tournament “Kick Stars” on the 22nd of December at the Karnataka Sports Ground, Church Gate. 
1: Salaam Baalak Trust
2: Anstrengung United
3: Karnatak Sports Project
4: Rahee Foundation
5: PIFA [social project]
1: Oscar Foundation
2: Project Play
3: Akanksha 
4: Magic Bus
5: Soccer School of Excellence [social project]
The fantastic people from Kohima Komets – pro football club all the way from Nagaland connected with us saying the trophies for the winners of KICK STARS will be sponsored by them :) 

As if Kick Stars couldn’t get more awesome, we now have two guest teams in social projects undertaken by the Premier India Football Academy [PIFA] and the Soccer School of Excellence [SSE] :) This is going to be one super awesome tournament!
 It’s a 3 minute walk from the station. Take the road that goes toward fountain and turn the first left from the first signal. 300 metres ahead on your left is the ground. Band opposite the BSNL building. The start of Fashion street.
Phone +91 98336 39277 / 9821540347
Karnatak Sports Associations (KSA) Grounds
Opp. Tata Telecom Bldg, Cross Maidan, near Flora Fountain, Churchgate , Mumbai 

View Karnatak Sports Associations (KSA) Grounds, Churchgate in a larger map

Full Permaculture Design Course@ Zirad, Alibaug, Maharashtra January 21, 2013

Be empowered towards our brighter, greener, more sociably future

The aim of this course is to give you the tools, enthusiasm and support to create true abundance in all areas of life. From food, energy, shelter, through to community, work and your spiritual welfare. You will learn how by observing and working with nature
and through thoughtful intentional design you can make your life more fulfilling, without exploiting or creating pollution.

This life-changing, intensive, residential course will be held on a gorgeous organic farm an hour by boat and bus from gateway Of India, Mumbai

The eclectic syllabus will include but not be limited to:

• Learning to grow your own food on your land, balcony or rooftop in abundance
• Designing or retrofitting sustainable, living, breathing architecture
• Teaching how to make the best use of resources on your space
• Teaching a systematic and creative way to minimize work and pollution and increase yields and
• Nurturing lasting communities, systems and networks
• Looking at sustainable and green economic strategies and resilient green livelihoods
• Cleanly and safely dealing with human waste management
• Exploring how to develop sustainable urban communities
• Natural Bee Keeping
• Creating low maintenance, high yielding Forest Gardens
• Taking care of your needs and your communities sustainably

The course will be location independent, appropriate for temperate, tropical and subtropical climates – rural or

Co-taught by British & Indian Teachers and Certified by the Permaculture Association UK

FEE: 18,000 Resident Indians / 24,000 Foreign Nationals
(Inclusive of accommodation and lovingly prepared, high vibrational, organic, cooked & raw vegan meals)

For more details check out:

OR Contact

Mimansa: (91672 84193)
Janice: (91671 22891)
Neville: (99674 42970)