Russian visa centre launched in Mumbai

The centre is officially authorised to perform technical functions exclusively associated with the documentation work to get a Russian visa.

Russian Centre for Science & Culture
Director: Vladimir Dementiev
Phone code: +91 22
Tel.: 2351-2495/ 2351-0793/
Fax: +91 22 23511233

31-A, Dr. Gopalrao Deshmukh Marg,
Mumbai – 400 026.

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BEST the failing bus system of mumbai

Sign boards failing

Cloth signs were replaced by LED signs. Led signs stopped working and were replaced by metal boards.
Now they just write the destination with chalk outside the bus

Has the bus minimum cost gone up from rs 6 to rs 7 ? nov 2014

We usually never are fully aware of the failing public systems till we have to really use them.

I have to pay 10 rs to do from x- y about 5 km (i sometimes even walk the distance) [i am a poor mumbaikaar].
So i decided to make a bus pass .A bus pass is a smart card which can be used on the route multiple times without carrying cash.

Now the problem is that there is limited bus stops which have the bus card creation software. So the closest one was andheri west station.

I reached the bus deport at 12 pm . And found 20 people in the line. All of them grumbling and fuming. A bus conductor came and said the systems were slow and the got shouted upon by the people in the line.

After reaching the pathetic booth at 12.45 . You find two extremely hassled bus conductors who are probably been trained to use the smart card booking system.

Mumbai can be a heartless place (mainly due to the failing public system).

So i ask the frustrated guy .”I want to make a new pass ” . The guy say you cannot make it today because the INTERNET is not working!! WTF!!

But if you already have a smart card you can renew.
Because renewal does not need an active working internet connection.

The server is located on a particular ip (looks like a local server 14.x.x.x )
So this server maybe not even have the redundancy of a professionally managed server .

So who ever were the idiots who created the software did not do any contingency planning for days when the internet connection did not work.
They did not create a self sufficient local database which could work without the internet and upload the data when the internet connection did work.

In india fault software,people over charging public govt departments for faulty software are never penalized. So every day 20 people stand in line and grumble,sweat,shout and the guys at the desk also shout. This has been going on for the past 50 years.

So the conductor tells me goto andheri east and make the pass.I again have to walk 3km and up and down several flights of stairs and bridges to reach the andheri east depot . Only to find there is another huge line of 20 over there.

The conductor who fills in the data ,types with one hand!!

The conductor give you a printed form to fill written in marathi
(but their software is in english :) )

The form says durdwani wtf does that mean?
I ask the conductor . it means MOBILE number? who the F* uses that . All marathi youth call it mobile !!

He tells me come back at 3pm and also you can go to the andheri west counter and get it done.

So i told him that the internet was not working there and they had told me to come to the andheri east counter.

I have sweated a few buckets so i decide to take the AC metro (thankfully efficient as it is run by a private company) and come back another day .

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What Happens When You Catch A Rickshaw In Mumbai

Waddup People. Another Video.
This time we se what happens when you try to catch a rickshaw in Mumbai(Worst in Suburbs).

Fun Fact: One Rickshawala Thought that we are gonna film him and complain to the police.

Thanks to Shantanu Naik for shooting and editing this video.
Do check him out:…

Previous Video:…



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Second Hand Book seller at Fort

Afzal mobile number is 9967960583 and email id is

He sells the books cheaper than Fort area. If a book is unavailable with him, he searches various shops to find it for you. The best part is he delivers books at one’s home/office.


shared on the facebook swapbook group


Author Book name Genre Price availability
Abbas,K.A Bread beauty and revolution Non-Fiction 100  
Abbott A Edwin Flatland: a romance of many dimension Fiction 60 y
Ackroyd,Peter First light Fiction 75 y
Ackroyd,Peter The diversions of Purley Poetry    
Ackroyd,Peter The house of Doctor Dee Fiction 75 y
Ackroyd,Peter The casebook of Victor Frankenstein Fiction 90 Y
Adamovsky Ezequiel Anti-capitalism Politics 100 y
Adams,Douglas So long and thanks for all the fish Non-fiction    
Adams,Douglas The restaurant at the end of the universe Humour 75 y
Adams,Henry Democracy Fiction    
Adams,Richard The plague dogs Fiction 75  
Adams,Richard Watership down Classic    
Adiche,Chimamanda Ngozi Half of a yellow sun Fiction 90  
Adichie,Chimamanda Ngozi Half of a yellow sun–(2 copy) Fiction 120  
Agee James A death in the family–(HB) Fiction 120 y
Aiken ,Joan The last slice of rainbow and other stories Stories 60  
Ailen,John The last slice of rainbow and other stories Children 90  
Akhavi,Negar-Editor Journeys in the night:untold stories from India’s best-known writers-(anthology) Fiction 80  
Albinia,Alice Leela’s book–(HB) Fiction   y
Alcott,Louisa M Little woman Fiction 70  
Alcott,Louisa May Short sotries Stories 70  
Alcott,Louisa,M Jo’s boys Fiction 70  
Alcott,M Good wives Classic    
Aldiss The saliva tree Science Fiction 60  
Alexamder,Rober J Today’s Latin America Non-Fiction 45  
Algren,Nelson Entrapment and other writings Fiction 200 Y
Algren,Nelson Never come morning Fiction 200 Y
Algren,Nelson The neon wilderness Fiction 175 y
Ali,Ahmed Rats and diplomats      
Alighieri,Dante The divine comedy–(Only Purgatorio section) Fiction 90 y
Allende,Isabel City of the beast Fiction 100 y
Allende,Isabel City of the beast Fiction 75  
Allende,Isabel Daughter of fortune Fiction    
Allende,Isabel Eva Luna Fiction    
Allende,Isabel Eva Luna Fiction 75  
Allende,Isabel Ines of my soul Fiction 80 y
Allende,Isabel Island beneath the sea Fiction 75  
Allende,Isabel Of love and shadows Fiction 75  
Allende,Isabel Paula Fiction   y
Allende,Isabel Portrait in Sepia Fiction 75 y
Allende,Isabel The house of the spirits Fiction 75 Y
AllenFrederick Lewis Only yesterday History 100  
Alliluyeva,Svetlana Only one year Non-fiction    
Allingham,Margery Dancers in mourning Mystery 70  
Allingham,Margery More work for the undertaker Mystery 75  
Allingham,Margery The fear sign Mystery 75  
Allingham,Margery The tiger in the smoke Mystery 70  
Allot,Kenneth-(Edited by) Contemporary Verse Poetry 70  
Alvarez,A The savage god: A study of suicide Non-fiction out  
Amado,Jorge Dona Flor and her two husbands Fiction   y
Ambler,Eric Passage of arms Mystery 85 y
Ambler,Eric The mask of Dimitrois Mystery 90  
Ambler,Eric To catch a spy Mystery    
Amis,Kingsley Girl,20 Fiction 70 Y
Amis,Kingsley Jake’s thing Fiction 75  
Amis,Kingsley Lucky Jim Humour    
Amis,Kingsley Stanley and the women Fiction 75  
Amis,Kingsley The pregnant widow Fiction 75 y
Amis,Kingsley The riverside villas murder   70  
Amis,Martin Dead babies Fiction 75  
Amis,Martin House of meetings Fiction    
Amis,Martin Money Fiction    
Amis,Martin Night train Fiction 75  
Anand,Mulk Raj Pilpali Sahab-(Autobiography) Non-Fiction    
Anand,Mulk Raj Seven summers   70  
Anderson S Rober & Huber Walter The hour of the fox:tropical forest, the world bank and indigenous people in C.India Non-Fiction 75 Y
Anderson,Kyle Accidental revolution      
Anderson,Poul After doomsday Science Fiction 60  
Anderson,Poul Planet of no return Science Fiction 50  
Andrews,V.C Crystals Suspense    
Andrews,V.C Tarnished gold Fiction 50  
Andrus,Russell J &Mohammed Azizau The economy of Pakistan-(HB) Non-Fiction 150  
Angelou Maya The heart of a woman Auto/Bio 80 y
Angelou,Maya Gather together in my name Auto/bio 80  
Anthony,Evelyn Elizabeth Non-fiction    
Antongiavanni,Nicholas The suit      
Archer,Jeffrey A prisoner of birth Fiction 70  
Archer,Jeffrey A twist in the tale Thriller 75  
Archer,Jeffrey Kane & Abel Fiction 65  
Archer,Jeffrey Kane and Abel Fiction    
Archer,Jeffrey Kane and Abel Fiction 65  
Archer,Jeffrey Not a penny more,not a penny less Fiction 60 y
Archer,Jeffrey Shall we tell the president? Fiction 65  
Ardrey,Robert The territorial imperative Non-fiction 65  
Argyle,Michael The Psychology of interpersonal behaviour Non-fiction    
Armado,Jorge Tieta Fiction 80  
Armour Richard All in sport–(HB) Non-Fiction   y
Armstrong,Woodward The brethen Non-fiction 70  
Arnold,Sir Edwin The light of the world Non-Fiction 90  
Arvay Harry Eleven bullets for Mohammed Fiction 100 y
Asimov,Greenberg & Olander-Editor The future in question Science Fiction 60  
Asimov,Isaac Change! Science Fiction 70  
Asimov,Isaac Prelude to foundation Science Fiction    
Asimov,Isaac The caves of steel & The rest of the robots Science Fiction 70  
Aslam,Reza How to win a Cosmic war:confronting radical religion Non-Fiction 80  
Aswany,Alaa Al The Yacoubian building Fiction 100 y
Atkinson,Kate Behind the scenes at the museum Fiction 75 y
Atwood Margaret Curious pursuits:occasional writing Non-Fiction 100 y
Atwood,Margaret Bodily harm Fiction 75  
Atwood,Margaret Cat’s eye Fiction    
Atwood,Margaret Surfacing Fiction 75 y
Atwood,Margaret The blind assassin Fiction 75  
Atwood,Margaret The handmaid’s tale Fiction    
Auel,Jean,M The clan of the cave bear Fiction 75  
Auel.Jean M The clan of the bear Fiction 75  
Austen, Jane Sense and sensibility Classic 75 Y
Austen,Jane Northanger abbey Classic    
Austen,Jane Persuasion Fiction 75  
Austen,Jane Pride and prejudice Classic 75 y
Austen,Jane Sense and sensibilities Classic 75  
Austen,Jane Sense and sensibility Classic    
Axline Virginia M Play therapy Non-Fiction 90 y
Axline,Virginia,M Play theraphy Non-fiction    
Ayers.ruby M Young shoulders      
Ayres Little and good   60  
Azuela,Mariano The underdogs Fiction    
Bach,Richard A gift of wings Fiction 55  
Bach,Richard Jonathan Livingston Seagull Fiction 60  
Bach,Richard Jonathan Livingston Seagull Classic    
Bach,Richard Out of my mind      
Bagehot,Walter The English constitution Non-fiction 80  
Bagley,Desmond Running blind Fiction    
Bagley,Desmond The spoilers Thriller 50  
Bailey,Auden Drifting at the bottom of the world Fiction 70  
Bailey,H.C God of clay Non-fiction    
BAILEY,John A shorter Boswell Auto/Bio 65  
Bailey,Raymond Thomas Merton on mysticism Non-Fiction 70  
Bainbridge,Beryl According to Queeney Fiction 80 Y
Bainbridge,Beryl Every man for himself Fiction    
Bair-EDT The essential Rousseau Fiction 70  
Baitey,Ron The squatters Non-fiction    
Bajaj,Karan Johnny gone down Fiction 50 y
Bal Rabisankar Dozakhnama Fiction 135 Y
Baldacci,David Absolute power Fiction 55  
Baldacci,David Saving faith Fiction    
Baldacci,David The camel club Fiction 70  
Baldacci,David The winner Fiction 55  
Baldwin,James Another country Fiction    
Baldwin,James Go tell it on the mountain Fiction 55  
Baldwin,James Going to meet the man Fiction 70  
Baldwin,James Going to meet the man Fiction 110  
Baldwin,James Tell me how long the train’s been gone Fiction 65  
Baldwin,james & Mead Margaret A rap on race Non-Fiction 75  
Ballard,J.G Cocaine nights Fiction 80  
Ballard,J.G Empire of the sun Fiction 75  
Ballard,J.G The day of creation Fiction    
Ballard,J.G The day of creation Fiction 75  
Balzac Honore de Pere Goriot Classic 60 y
Banks Iain The wasp factory Horror 70 y
Banks,Iains Canal dreams Fiction 75  
Banks,Iains The wasp factory Fiction 75  
Banks,Lynne Reid Dark quarter Fiction 70  
Banks,Lynne Reid The Indian in the cupboard Children 70  
Banville,John The book of evidence Fiction    
Banville,John The infinities Fiction    
Barker,Pat Regeneration Thriller 120 y
Barker,Pat The ghost road Thriller 120 y
Barket,Judith Thinking through essays Non-fiction    
Barnard,Harry Eagle forgotten;The life of John Peter Altgeld Auto/Bio 150 y
Barnes,Julian Arthur & George Fiction    
Barnes,Julian England,England Fiction    
Barnes,Julian Metroland Fiction 65  
Barrett,William Lilies of the field      
Barrie,J.M Mary Rose(a play in 3 acts) Drama 75 y
Barrie,J.M Peter Pan Classic 55 y
Barrie,J.M Peter Pan Children 60  
Barrie,J.M Peter Pan Children    
Barrie,J.M Peter Pan Children 55  
Barron,James Piano Fiction 65  
Barrow,John d Theories of everything-the quest for ultimate explanation Non-fiction 75  
Barry Sebastian The secret scripture–(ggod condition 9 copy) Fiction 80 Y
Barry Sebastian The secret scripture–(god condition 9 copy) Fiction   y
Basran S Gurcharn & Bolaria The Sikhs in Canada: migration,race,class and gender–(HB) Non-Fiction 120 y
Bates,H.E A breath of fresh air Fiction 70  
Bates,H.E Catherine Foster Fiction 70  
Bates,H.E Oh! To be in England Fiction 70  
Bates,H.E Oh!to be in England Fiction 75 y
Bates,H.E The darling buds of May Fiction 70  
Bates,H.E The feast of July Fiction 65 y
Bates,H.E The purple plain-(HB) Fiction 70  
Bates,H.E The scarlet sword Fiction 65 y
Bates,H.E. A little of what you fancy Fiction 65 y
Bates.H.E A month by the lake Fiction 110  
Bateson,Greogory Mind and nature Non-fiction out  
Bauby,Jean-Dominique The diving bell & The butterfly Memoirs 130  
Baum,Frank The wonderful wizard of Oz Children    
Bawden,Nina A woman of my age   70  
Beckwith,Lillian About my father’s business His/fic 75  
Behr,Edward The Algerian problem Non-fiction    
Bell Adrian Men and the fields Non-Fiction 75 y
Bell,Art & Strieber,Whitley The coming global superstorm Non-Fiction 100 y
Bell,Daniel Kristol, Irving-(edt) Capitalism today Non-fiction    
Bellamy,Edward Looking backward Fiction 70  
Bellamy,Edward Looking backward Fiction    
Belloc,Hilaire Selected cautionary verses Fiction 75  
Belloc,Hilaire Warfare in England Non-fiction 90  
Belloc,Hilarie Collected verse   75 y
Bellow,Saul Herzog Fiction    
Bellow,Saul Humbolt’s gift Fiction 75  
Bender James F Make your business letters make friends–(HB) Non-Fiction 80 y
Bennett,Arnold Anna of the five towers Fiction   y
Bennett,Arnold The old wives’s tale Fiction 85  
Bennett,Arnold Whom God hath joined Fiction 70 y
Berendt, John Midnight in the garden of good and evil Fiction 80  
Berendt,John The city of falling angels Non-Fiction 75  
Berendt,John The city of falling angels Travelogue 80  
Berendt,John The city of falling angels Travelogue    
Bergee,Bruck,R.L Images of America Non-fiction    
Berger,Peter L Invitation to Sociology:a humanistic perspective Non-fiction 75  
Berger,Phil Blood season and the world of boxing Non-Fiction 75  
Bergman,Ingrid My story Auto/Bio    
Bernays Anne & Kaplan Justin Back then;2 literary lives in 1950s New York Memoirs 80 y
Berneres,Louis de Captain Corellis Mandolin Fiction 75  
Bernieres,Louis de A partisan’s daughter Fiction 75 y
Bernieres,Louis de Captain Corelli’s mandolin Romance 75  
Bernstein,Jeremy Einstein Auto/Bio    
Berryman,John Stephen Crane Auto/Bio 65  
Bertin,Leonard Atom harvest Non-fiction    
Bertin,Leonard Atom Harvest–(HB) Non-Fiction 120 Y
Beti,Mongo Mission to Kala Fiction 75 Y
Betjeman,John Ghaslty good taste   65 y
Bhagat Chetan What young India wants Non-Fiction 70 y
Bhattacharya,Suchitra I am Madhabi Fiction   Y
Bie,Natacha Du Pont de Ant egg soup:The adventures of a food tourist in Laos Travelogue 110  
Biyani Kishore It happened in India Non-Fiction 80 y
Blackett,P M S Fear,War and the bomb-military and political consequences of Non-fiction 75  
Blackmore,John T Ernest Mach:his life,work and influence Non-fiction SOLD  
Blackmore,R.D Lorna Doone Mystery 75 Y
Blatty,William Peter John Goldfarb,Please come home!   65 y
Blume,Judy Are you there God?It’s me, Margaret Fiction 70  
Blume,Judy Are you there God?It’s me,Margaret Fiction 65  
Blume,Judy Deenie Fiction 50  
Blunden,Edmund Thomas Hardy Auto/bio 75  
Blynton,Enid Don’t be silly Mr.Twiddle Children    
Blynton,Enid Noddy at the seaside–(HB) Fiction 60 y
Blythe Ronald Akenfield:famous portrait of an English Village Non-Fiction   y
Blyton,Enid 5 on the treasure island- 5 go adventuring again- 5 go to Billycock hill–(HB) Children 150 y
Blyton,Enid Don’t be silly Mr.Twiddle Children 50 y
Blyton,Enid More mystery stories Fiction 60  
Blyton,Enid The famous five-5 go off to camp-5 get into trouble- 5 fall into adventure–(2 copy) Children 130 y
Blyton,Enid The magic faraway tree—2 copy Children 70 Y
Blyton,Enid The naughtiest girl is a monitor Children 75 y
Blyton,Enid The O’Sullivan twins Children 50 y
Boccaccio,Giovanni The Decameron- (good condition) Classic 150 y
Bokenkotter,Thomas A concise history of the Catholic church Non-fiction 60  
Bolt,Robert A man for all seasons Play 70  
Bolton,L Introduction to the theory of relativity Non-fiction 75  
Bombeck,Erma A marriage made in heaven–OR too fired for an affair Non-fiction    
Bond,,Ruskin–(edt) Snappy surprises Stories    
Bond,Ruskin The bluest umbrella Fiction 55  
Bond,Ruskin-(EDT) The puffin book of classic school stories Fiction 60  
Bono Edward de New thinking for the new millennium–(HB)–2 copy Non-Fiction 175 y
Bono,Edward de The importance of possibli Non-Fiction 75  
Bookner,Anita Look at me Fiction 55  
Borg,Marcus J Jesus:uncovering the life,teachings, & relevance of a religious revolutionary Non-Fiction 90  
Borg,Marcus J Meeting Jesus again for the first time:The historical Jesus Non-Fiction 120 y
Borgia,Anthony Life in the world unseen Spiritual    
Bortin,V.G Image of a man–(HB) Fiction 120 Y
Boswell Life of Samuel Johnson-(edited) Auto/bio 85  
Boulle,Pierre Planet of the Apes Science Fiction   Y
Boulle,Pierre The Chinese executioner Mystery 75  
Bourhaily,Vance Confessions of a spent youth Fiction 120  
Bova,Ben The high road Science Fiction 90  
Bowem,Elizabeth The last September Fiction 65  
Bowen,Elizabeth Friends and relations Fiction   y
Bowen,Elizabeth Friends and relations   75  
Bowne,Sir Thomas Religio Medici and other writings Non-fiction    
Boyd,William The blue afternoon Fiction 75  
Boyne,John Mutiny on the bounty Fiction 80  
Boyne,John The boy in the striped pyjamas Fiction 75 y
Bradbury,Malcolm The history man Fiction 75  
Bradbury,Ray Dandelion wine Fiction    
Bradbury,Ray Stories Fiction 75  
Bradfor,Ernle The great siege of Malta-1565 History 75  
Bradley,David No place to hide Fiction Rs.70  
Bradstreet & Dun Equity research and valuation-(HB) Non-Fiction 130  
Braine,John Life at the top Fiction 70  
Braine,John Writing a novel Non-Fiction 75  
Brand,Max Outlaws all Western 90  
Brando,Lewis Night flyer Non-fiction 75  
Brata,Sashti India labyrinths in the lotus land-(HB) Non-Fiction   y
Brazil,Angela The school at thhe Turrets Children 75 Y
Brerendt,John Midnight in the garden of good and evil Fiction 75  
Brian,Patrcik O The fortune of war Fiction 75  
Bright,Michael Unlocking natures’s secret Non-fiction 75  
Brittain,Vera England’s hour Non-fiction 75  
Brittain,Vera Testament of youth Auto/bio 100 y
Brockways,Femer & Mullally,Frederic Death pays a dividend      
Bronte,Anne The tenant of wildfell hall & Agnes Grey Fiction 75  
Bronte,Charlotte Jane Eyre Classic 75  
Bronte,Emily Wuthering heights Classic    
Bronte,Emily Wuthering heights Classic 75  
Brooke,Christopher The Saxon and Norman kings History 60  
Brookner,Anita Family and friends Fiction 60  
Brown A J & Burrows E M Regional economic problems ;comparative experiences of sone market economies Non-Fiction 100 y
Brown Carl L Religion and state:The Muslim approach to politics Non-Fiction 120 y
Brown Ivor Shakespeare–(HB) Auto/Bio 80 Y
Brown,Dennis Shop talk Fiction    
Brown,John Mason Seeing things      
Brown,Sandra Play dirty Fiction 120 y
Browne,Sir Thomas Religio Medici and other writings Non-fiction    
Browne,Thomas Religio medici,Hydriotaphis,The garden of Cyrus,Christian morals–(HB) Non-Fiction 100 y
Brunton,Dr.Paul A message from Arunachal Non-fiction    
Brunton,Paul A search in secret Egypt Travelogue    
Bryant,Arthur English saga-1840-1940 History    
Bryant,Arthur English saga-1840-1940 Non-fiction 90  
Bryant,Arthur The year of endurance-1793-1802-(HB) Non-Fiction 90  
Bryson,Bill Bryson’s dictionary for writers and editors Language 90  
Bryson,Bill Dictionary for writers and editors-(HB) Non-Fiction 175 y
Bryson,Bill I am stranger here myself Non-fiction 85  
Bryson,Bill Notes from small islands Travelogue 85  
Bryson,Bill Shakespeare Non-Fiction 100 y
Bryson,Bill Shakespeare Non-fiction 55  
Buber,Martin Between man and man Non-fiction    
Buchwald,Art Laid back in Washington Non-fiction    
Buchwald,Art Washington is leaking Non-fiction    
Buck,Pearl S The exile Fiction 60  
Buck,Pearl S The good Earth Classic    
Buck,Pearl S The mother Fiction    
Buckley William The story of Henri Tod Fiction 75 y
Buckley,F A hymnal      
Bulgakov,Mikhail The master and Margarita–(new condition) Classic 180 y
Bunyan,John The pilgrim’s progress Classic 65  
Burckhardt,Jacob The civilization of the Renaissance in Italy-(HB) Non-Fiction 300  
Burgess,Anthony Urgent copy Non-fiction 75  
Burke,Norah Jungle picture Non-Fiction 90 Y
Burl,Aubrey Black Barty: Bartholomew Roberts and his pirate crew 1718-1723 Non-Fiction 150  
Burnett,Frances Hodgson A little princess Children 60  
Burnett,Frances Hodgson The secret garden Children 70  
Burns,Roberts Selections of poems Poetry    
Buruma,Ian Inventing Japan-1853-1964–(HB) Travelogue 130 Y
Butler,Sameul Erewhon Fiction 75 y
Butler,Samuel Erewhon Classic 60  
Butler,Samuel Erewhon Classic 75  
Butler,Samuel Erewhon & Erewhon revisited Fiction 75  
Butler,Samuel Erewhon-(HB) Classic    
Butler,Samuel Erewohn OR Over the range Fiction 65  
Butler,Samuel Erewohn,Erewohn revisited–(HB) Classic    
Butler,Samuel The way of all flesh–(HB-old looks) Fiction 70 y
Byatt,A.S Possession Romance 100 y
Byatt,A.S The Matisse stories Fiction    
Byatt,A.S. Possession Fiction Rs.85  
Byatt,A.S. Possession Fiction 75  
Byatt,A.S. The virgin in the garden Fiction 75  
Byng,Cranmer L The vision of Asia:an interpretation of Chinese art and culture Non-fiction 75  
Byron,Robert The road to Oxiana–(new) Travelogue 500 y
Cable,George w The Negro question Non-fiction 70  
Caesar,Julius The Gallic war and other writings Non-fiction 85  
Calder,Nigel-(EDT) Unless peace comes Non-fiction    
Calder,Ritchie Men against the desert Travelogue    
Caldicott,Helen Nuclear madness:what you do Non-fiction 55  
Caldwell Taylor Captains and the kings Fiction 70 y
Caldwell,Taylor Dialogue with the devil Fiction    
Calvino,Italo Adam,one afternoon Stories 75  
Camus,Albert Caligula and Cross purpose Play 200  
Camus,Albert The plague Fiction 90  
Camus,Albert The plague Fiction 150  
Canfield,Jack Hansen Mark,Bharadia Chicken soup for the Indian soul Non-Fiction   y
Cantelon,Williard Money master of the world Non-fiction    
Capote,Truman Music for Chameleons Fiction 60  
Carey,Peter Oscar and Lucinda Fiction 85  
Carey,Peter True history of the Kelly gang Fiction 85  
Carlson,Marvin Theories of the theatre-a historical and critical survey from the Greeks to the present Non-Fiction 190 y
Carlyle,Thomas Selected writings Non-fiction    
Carpenter,Humphyrey Spike Milligan:The biography Non-fiction 70  
Carr,Donald,E Energy & The Earth machine Non-fiction 55  
Carr,John Dickson The curse of the Bronze lamp Mystery 100 y
Carre John Le Tinker tailor soldier spy Thriller 75 y
Carre,John Le Our game Mystery    
Carre,John Le The naïve and the sentimental lover Suspense    
Carre,John Le The spy who came in from the cold Fiction 60  
Carre,John Le The tailor of Pananma Fiction   Y
Carre,John le Tinker tailor soldier spy Mystery 85  
Carre,Le The tailor of Panama Mystery 85  
Carrel.Alexis Man the unknown Non-fiction SOLD  
Carriere,Jean-Claude & Eco Umberto This is not the end of the book Non-Fiction 90  
Carroll,Lewis Alice’s adventures in wonderland Classic 60 y
Carroll,Lewis Alice’s adventures in wonderland Children 75  
Carroll,Lewis Alice’s adventures in wonderland & through the looking glass Children 90  
Carson,Rachel Silent spring Non-fiction    
Carter,Angela Wise children Fiction 80  
Carter,Nick The Christmas kill Adventure   Y
Carter,Nick The death strain Fiction 50  
Carter,Nick The turncoat Mystery 40  
Carver,Raymond Ultra Marine–(New) Poetry 100 Y
Casson,Herbert N Human nature Non-fiction    
Castles.F.G Murray,& Potter Decisions,Organizations and society Socioloy/psyc. 75  
Cather,Willa Death comes for the Archbishop Fiction    
Cather,Willa My Antonia Classic 100 Y
Cather,Willa My Antonia Fiction 75  
Cather,Willa Neighbor Rosicky Classic    
Cather,Willa Neighbor Rosicky Fiction 60  
Cather,Willa O Pioneers! Classic 75  
Catherall,Arthur Shanghaied   75  
Catrqeight,Julia A bright remembrance Memoirs    
Catton,Bruce Never call retreat History 75  
Cavitch Life sutdies–a Thematic reader Non-fiction    
Cayce,Edgar On mysteries of the mind Non-fiction 40  
Cecil,David Melbourne:The young Melbourne and Lord M in one volume Non-fiction    
Celine,Ferdinand Journey to the end of the night–(new condition) Classic 180 y
Cellini,Benvenuto Autobiography Auto/bio 120 Y
Cerf,Bennett Take along treasury Anthology out  
Cervantes Don Quixote Classic 150 y
Chadravarkar,Sir Narayan G The speeches and writings Non-fiction 1000  
Chalfont,Alun Defence of the realm Non-Fiction   y
Chander,Krishnan A thousand lovers Fiction 50 y
Chandler,Raymond Killer in the rain Mystery 75  
Chandler,Raymond Trouble is my business Mystery    
Charles, Dickens Hard times Fiction    
Charteris,Leslie Saint overboard Mystery    
Charteris,Leslie The happy highwayman Mystery 55  
Charteris,Leslie The saint in Miami Mystery 55  
Chattopadhyay,Sarat Chandra Devdas Classic    
Chattopadhyay,Sarat Chandra Parineeta Fiction    
Chatwin,Bruce The songlines Fiction 100 y
Chaudhuri,Nirad The continent of Circe Non-Fiction 50  
Chaudhuri,Nirad C A passage to England Non-fiction    
Chaudhuri,Nirad C A passage to England Non-fiction 90  
Chaudhuri,Nirad C The continent of Circe -(large size) Non-fiction    
Cheever,John Stories Stories 80 y
Cheever,John Stories Fiction 75  
Cheever,John The Wapshot chronicle Fiction    
Cheever,John The Wapshot chronicle–(good condition) Fiction 150 Y
Chekhov,Anton Shadows and light Stories    
Chesterton,G.K George Bernard Shaw Auto/Bio    
Chesterton,G.K Orthodoxy Non-fiction    
Chesterton,G.K The innocence of father Brown Mystery 75  
Chesterton,G.K The secret of father Brown Mystery    
Chevalier,Gabriel Clochemerle Fiction 90  
Cheyney,Peter The urgent hangman Mystery    
Cheyney,Peter You can’t keep the change   55  
Child,Lee A wanted man Thriller 90  
Childers,Erskine The riddle of the sands Fiction 75  
Ching,Frank–(edt) China in transition Non-fiction    
Chopin,Kate The awakening Fiction 75  
Clancy,Tom Cold case-net force explorers Fiction 60  
Clancy,Tom One is the loneliest numbers-net force explorers Fiction 60  
Clare,Miss Miss Read   55  
Clark Jim Jim Clark at the wheel Non-Fiction 60 y
Clark Mary Higgins On the street where you live Mystery 80 y
Clark Mary Higgins Silent night-(HB with dust jacket) Mystery 100 y
Clark,Manning A short history of Australia Non-fiction 60  
Clark,Mary Higgins All through the night Mystery 80 y
Clark,Mary Higgins Loves music,loves to dance Mystery 80 Y
Clark,Mary Higgins Where are the children? Mystery 80 y
Clark,Mary Higgins You belong to me Mystery 80 y
Clark,Ronald Queen Victoria’s bomb Fiction 100  
Clark.Stafford D Psychiatry today Non-fiction    
Clarke,Arthur Indian ocean adventure Non-fiction    
Clarke,Arthur The city and the stars Science Fiction 125 y
Clarke,Arthur C 2061 Odyssey three Science Fiction 75  
Clarke,Marcus For the term of his natural life   75  
Clavell,James Gai-Jin Fiction 75  
Clavell,james Tai-Pan: a novel of Hong Kong Fiction    
Clement,Catherine Edwina and Nehru-(Novel) Fiction 75  
Clements,Simon Dixon,John,Stratta,Leslie Things being various Non-fiction    
Coe,Jonathan The Rotters’ club   75  
Coelho,Paulo The Alchemist Fiction 70  
Coelho,Paulo The Alchemist Fiction 75  
Coelho,Paulo The pilgrimmage Fiction    
Coetzee,J.M Diary of a bad year Fiction 150 y
Coetzee,J.M Disgrace-(in hardcover and new condition) Fiction 225 y
Coetzee,J.M Disgrace-(in paperback) Fiction 100 y
Coetzee,J.M Waiting for the barbarians Fiction   Y
Coetzee.J.M Waiting for the barbarians Fiction 150  
Cohen,Arthur In the days of Simon Stern Fiction 60  
Coleridge,Samuel Taylor Selected poems Poems 75  
Collete The pure and the impure Fiction 85  
Collete The pure and the impure–(HB) Classic 100 Y
Collins,Wilkie Hide & seek Mystery 75  
Collins,Wilkie The moonstone Mystery    
Collins,Wilkie The woman in white Mystery 75  
Collins,Wilkie,James M.R, & Dickens Classic ghost stories Fiction 75 Y
Commoner,Barry The poverty of power:The energy and the economic crisis Non-fiction 75  
Conant,Jennet 109 East palace:R.Oppenheimer and the secret city of Los Alamos Non-Fiction 120  
Connelly,Michael The black ice Thriller 60  
Connolly,Cyril-(edt) The golden horizon-(compilation from Horizon mag) Non-fiction 90  
Conrad,Joseph Almayer’s folly and tales of unrest Fiction    
Conrad,Joseph Lord Jim Classic 55 y
Conrad,Joseph Lord Jim Classic    
Conrad,Joseph Lord Jim -(2 copy) Fiction 60  
Conrad,Joseph Nostromo Fiction 80  
Conrad,Joseph Nostromo Fiction    
Conrad,Joseph The secret agent Fiction 65  
Conrad,Joseph Victory Fiction 80  
Conran,Shirley Lace Fiction 65  
Cooke,Alistair Six men Non-fiction    
Coolidge,Susan What Katy did at school Children 55  
Coolidge,Susan What katy did next Children    
Cooper Fenimore J The Pioneers–(HB) Classic 100 y
Cooper Susan King of shadows Fiction 70 y
Cooper,J.F The Pioneers Fiction 65  
Cooper,William Scenes from metropolitan life   75  
Coppel,Alfred Thirty-four East      
Corelli,Marie Vendetta–(HB) Classic 90  
Corelli,Marie Ziska :The problem of the wicked soul Classic   Y
Corley,T.S.B A history of the Burmah oil company 1886-1924–(HB) Non-Fiction 800 y
Cormera,Bernard Don’t embarrass the bureau Non-fiction    
Cornwell,Bernard Richard Sharpe & the siege of Seringapatam-1799   75  
Cornwell,Patricia Post-mortem Suspense 75  
Cornwell,Patricia The body farm Fiction 75  
Corvo,Frederick Baron A history of the Borias Non-Fiction 75 y
Cosby,Bill Fatherhood Non-fiction    
Cosby,Bill Time flies Non-fiction 55  
Cottrell,John &cashin, Fergus Richard Burton Auto/Bio    
Cousteau,J.Y & Dugan,James The living sea Non-fiction    
Cowan,Bainard & Kronick Joseph Theorizing American literature:Hegel, the sign, and history–(in HC) Non-Fiction 300 y
Coward Noel Blithe spirit,Present laughter,This happy breed,Tonight at 8.30(II) Play 130 Y
Cox,Harvey The secular city Non-Fiction 60 y
Craig,Gordon A The Germans Non-fiction 85  
Crais,Rober Stalking the angel Fiction 75 y
Crane,Allan Fierce the conflict:the story of Lilian Hamer Non-fiction    
Crane,Stephen The red badge of courage Fiction    
Crane,Stephen The redbage of courage Fiction    
Crichton, Michael The lost world Fiction 70 y
Crichton,Michael State of fear Fiction 100 y
Critchley,Julian Westminster blues Politics 60  
Crompton Richmal More William Children 75 y
Cronin,A.J The Spanish gardener Fiction 70  
Cruikshank,R.J Charles Dickens and early Victorian England-(HB) Non-Fiction 150  
Cruise,Conor Edmund Burke Auto/Bio    
Crumley,James Dancing bear Thriller 70  
Cruz,Daniel Da Boot Fiction    
Cussler,Clive The Mediterranean caper Thriller    
Dahl,Roald Going solo Auto/Bio 80  
Dahl,Robert A After the revolution? Non-Fiction 75  
Dalai Lama Ancient wisdom,Modern world:ethics for the new Millenium Non-Fiction 100 Y
Dalrymple,William In Xanadu:a quest Travelogue 140 Y
Dalton,George Economic systems ans society-Capitalism, Communism and the 3rd world Non-fiction 80  
Danaher,Kevin Gentle places and simple things      
Daniells,Red Drivers wild,Wilder and wildest      
Daniels,Farrington Direct use of Sun’s energy Non-fiction    
Daniken,Erich Von Chariots of the Gods Non-Fiction 120  
Daniken,Erich Von The Gold of the Gods Non-Fiction 75 y
Darnton,John Nenderthal Fiction    
Dave,J.H Immortal India Non-fiction    
Davidson,Robert The Pelican guide to modern Theology-Vol 3 Non-Fiction 70  
Davies,Robertson Fifth business Fiction 75 y
Davies,Robertson The cornish trilogy Fiction 100  
Davies,Robertson The cunning man Fiction 65  
Davies,Robertson The lyre of Orpheus Fiction 90  
Davis,Stephen Hammer of gods Fiction    
De Shobha Strange obsession Fiction 90 y
De Shobhaa S’s secret Fiction 60 y
De,Shobha Sisters Fiction 40  
Deaver Jeffery The bodies left behind Fiction 90 y
Deaver,Jeffery Manhattan is my beat–(HB) Fiction 90 Y
Deb,Siddhartha The beautiful and the damned–(HB) Non-Fiction   y
Debray,Regis Strategy for revolution Non-fiction    
Debroy,Bibek The convertible rupee and how to benefit from it Non-fiction    
Deeping,Warwick Sorrell and son-(HB)      
Defoe,Daniel Moll Flanders Classic 75  
Deighton Bomber Thriller    
Deighton,Len Billion -dollar brain Mystery 50  
Deighton,Len Funeral In Berlin Thriller 50  
DeLillo,Don Cosmopolis Fiction 120 y
DeLillo,Don Libra Fiction 90  
Dell,Scott Island of the blue Dolphins      
DeMille,Nelson Night fall Fiction 65 y
DeMille,Nelson The general’a daughter Fiction 65  
DeMille,Nelson The gold coast Fiction 65  
DeMille,Nelson Wild fire Fiction 70  
Denning Lord What next in the law Non-Fiction 100 y
Dennis,Patrick Around the world with auntie Mame Fiction 55 y
Derwent,Lavina & Crossland John Ten modern mystery stories–(pocket size in hard cover) Fiction    
Desai,Anita Clear light of day Fiction 70  
Desai,Anita Cry,the peacock Fiction 75 y
Desai,Kiran The inheritance of loss–(new copy) Fiction 120 Y
Despande,Shashi Small remedies-(HB) Fiction 150 y
Despande,Shashi The binding vine Fiction 75  
Deva,Mukul Salim must die Thriller 75  
Deva,Mukul Tanzeem Fiction 80  
Deveraux,Jude Forever F 65  
Devi, shakuntala The joy of numbers Non-Fiction 40 y
Devi,Savita & Chauhan Vibha Maa… Siddheshwari–(in HC)—-(musician) Auto/Bio 110 y
Dexter,Colin Service of all the dead      
Dick,Dan & Nancy Wisdom from the Bible Religion 70 y
Dickens,Charles A tale of Two cities Fiction 60  
Dickens,Charles A tale of two cities Classic 75  
Dickens,Charles David Copperfield Classic 75  
Dickens,Charles Great expectations Fiction    
Dickens,Charles Great expectations Classic 80  
Dickens,Charles Hard times Classic 75  
Dickens,Charles Little Dorrit Classic 75  
Dickens,Charles Nicholas Nickleby Classic 80  
Dickens,Charles Oliver Twist Classic    
Dickens,Charles Oliver Twist Classic 75  
Dickens,Charles Oliver Twist-(abridged) Classic 70  
Dickens,Charles The advancement of learning Classic    
Dickens,Charles The Pickwick papers Classic    
Dickinson,Emily Poems Poetry 60  
Dickinson,Peter The glass-sided ant’s nest Mystery 55  
Didion,Joan Democracy Fiction 75 y
Didion,Joan The year of magical thinking Auto/bio 65 y
Dinesen,Isak Out of Africa Auto/Bio 75  
Dinesen,Isak Out of Africa &Shadows in the grass Auto/Bio 75  
Dixon,Franklin W The Hardy boys in programme for destruction Children 70  
Dixon,Franklin W The Hardy boys-The yellow feather mystery Children 70 y
Dobb Maurice Socialist planning: some problems Non-Fiction 90 Y
Dobbs,Loy Exporting America -why corporate greed is shipping American jobs overseas Non-fiction    
Doctorow,E.L Billy Bathgale Fiction 75  
Doctorow,E.L Sweet land stories Stories 90 Y
Doctorow,E.L The book of Daniel Fiction 70  
Doldberg Whoopi      
Dole,Nathan Haskell Omar the tent maker Fiction    
Donaldson,Margaret Children’s mind Non-fiction    
Donleavy,J.P Meet my maker-The mad molecule Non-fiction 75  
Donleavy,J.P The ginger man Fiction    
Donleavy,J.P The unexpurgated code:A complete manual of survival and manners Humour    
Donnell,T.F.O Cockpit of the East War story 75 y
Dore,Anita-Edt The premier book of major poets Anthology 75  
Dostoevsky,Fyodor Crime and punishment Fiction    
Dostoevsky,Fyodor Crime and punishment-(HB,pocket size) Fiction Rs.75  
Dostoyevsky,Fyodor Crime and punishment Fiction 80  
Dostoyevsky,Fyodor Notes from underground & The grand inquisitor Classic 90  
Dostoyevsky,Fyodor The brothers Karamazov Fiction 80  
Douglas,Mary & Isherwood,Bann The world of goods Non-fiction sold  
Douglas,Norman South wind-(HB) Fiction 75  
Dowling,Andrew Godless pilgrim      
Doyle Arthur Conan The extraordinary cases of Sherlock Holmes Mystery 100 y
Doyle,Roddy Paddy Clarke ha ha ha Children 80  
Doyle,Roddy The snapper Fiction 65  
Doyle,Roddy The snapper Fiction    
Doyle,Roddy The van Fiction    
Dreiser,Theodore Sister Carrie Classic 75 y
Dreiser,Theodore Sister Carrie-(abridged) Fiction 60  
Drew,Elizabeth The novel(15 English masterpiece) Non-Fiction 75 Y
Drew,Elizabeth The novel(15 English masterpiece) Non-Fiction 55  
Drinkwater,Carol The olive route Travelogue 75  
Drucker Peter F Post-capitalist society Non-Fiction 100 y
Drucker,Peter The frontiers of management Bus/Man.    
Drucker,Peter The practice of Management Bus/Man.    
Dryden,John Virgil’s Aeneid      
Dubos Rene The torch of life Non-Fiction 75 y
Dumas,Alexander The man in the iron mask Fiction 80  
Dumas,Alexander The three Musketeers Fiction    
Duncan,Andrew Money rush Non-fiction 80  
Durrell, Lawrence Balthazar Fiction 45  
Durrell,Gerald A zoo in my luggage Non-fiction    
Durrell,Gerald Beast in my belfry      
Durrell,Gerald Encounters with animals Non-fiction    
Durrell,Gerald My family and other animals Non-Fiction    
Durrell,Gerald My family and other animals Non-Fiction 120  
Durrell,Gerald My family and other animals Non-Fiction Rs.70  
Durrell,Gerald My favourite animals stories Non-fiction    
Durrell,Gerald Rosy is my relative Fiction 55  
Durrell,Gerald The stationary ark Non-Fiction Rs.70  
Durrell,Lawrence An Irish Faustus-a morality in 9 scences Drama 75  
Durrell,Lawrence Balthazar Fiction 45 y
Durrell,Lawrence Balthazar Fiction 60 y
Durrell,Lawrence Balthazar Fiction    
Durrell,Lawrence Balthazar–(pocket size) Fiction    
Durrell,Lawrence Clea Fiction    
Durrell,Lawrence Justine Fiction 60  
Durrell,Lawrence Justine,Clea,Mountolive,Balthazar Fiction 200  
Durrell,Lawrence Mountolive-(HB) Fiction    
Durrell,Lawrence Nunquam Fiction    
Durrell,Lawrence Sauve Qui Peut-(HB) Humour 80  
Durrell,Lawrence The Alexandria quartet Fiction    
Durrell,Lawrence The black book Fiction 60  
Durrell,Lawrence The dark Labyrinth Fiction 75  
Durrell,Lawrence Tunc Fiction 60  
Durrrell,Lawrence An Avignon quintet Fiction 150 y
Durrrell,Lawrence Monsieur Fiction 80 y
Dyer,Elinor-M-Brent The princess of the Chalet school Children 65  
Dyer-Elinor M Brent Eustacia goes to the Chalet school Fiction 70  
Dyer-Elinor M Brent Exploits of the Chalet girls Children 60  
Dyer-Elinor M Brent Exploits of the Chalet girls Fiction 70  
Dyer-Elinor M Brent Jo of the Chalet school Children 70  
Dyer-Elinor M Brent The Chalet school and the Lintons Children 60  
Dyer-Elinor M Brent The Chalet school and the Richenda Fiction 100  
Dyer-Elinor M Brent Theodora and the Chalet school Fiction 70  
Dyer-Elinor M Brent Trials for the Chalet School Fiction 70  
Eagleton,Terry Criticism & ideology Non-Fiction 100 y
East,John Man the mortal Non-fiction    
Eberhart,Mignon G The patient in room 18-(HB) Mystery 120 y
Eco,Umberto Reflections on the name of the rose Non-fiction 55  
Edwards,Kim The memory keeper’s daughter Fiction    
Eggers,Dave A heart breaking work of staggering genius Fiction    
Eggers,Dave What is the what-(HB) Fiction    
Ehrlich,Paul R The end of affluence Non-fiction 65  
Eisen,Anthony The prince of Omeya Fiction 65  
Eldridge England’s mission–HB) Non-Fiction 120 y
Eliot,George Adam Bede Fiction 65  
Eliot,George Middlemarch Classic 75 y
Eliot,George Silas marner Classic 65  
Eliot,George Silas Marner-(HB) Classic    
Eliot,George The mill on the Floss Classic 75  
Eliot,Sherwood Writ The confessions of Augustine-(in Modern English) Non-fiction 60  
Ellis,A.E The rack   60  
Ellison,Ralph Invisible man Fiction 85  
Ellroy,James The black Dahlia   75 y
Emerso,Ralph Waldo Selected essays,lectures and poems Non-fiction 75  
Emerson, Self-reliance Non-fiction    
Euripides Medea Play 60 y
Evans,Nicholas The horse whisperer Fiction 55  
Evans,Peter ARI-The life and times ofAristotle Onassis Non-fiction 65  
Exupery,Antoine de Saint The little prince Classic 50 y
Exupery,Antoine de St. Night flight Fiction 75  
Exupery-Antoine de /saint Night-flight Fiction 75  
Eysenck, H J Check your I.Q. Non-Fiction 65 Y
Eysenck,H.J Check your own I.Q Non-Fiction 60  
Fairbrother Roses Non-fiction 50  
Farell,J.G The siege of Krishnapur Fiction 120  
Farooki,Roopa Bitter sweets Fiction 70  
Farrell,J.G The siege of Krishnapur Fiction 120 y
Fauconnier,Henry The soul of Malaya      
Faulk,Sebastian Birdsong Fiction 75  
Faulk,Sebastian Fiction Non-Fiction 75  
Faulkner,William Absalom,Absalom Fiction 75  
Faulkner,William Sartoris      
Faulks,Sebastian Birdsong Fiction 100 Y
Faulks,Sebastian Birdsong Fiction 80 y
Feinberg,Gerald What is the world made of?Atoms Leptons Quacks and other tantalizing particles Non-fiction    
Fenton,J.C. Saint Matthew Religion 45  
Fertig,Lawrence Prosperity through freedom Non-Fiction 65  
Fforde Katie Wild designs Fiction 70 y
Fiedler,Leslie A The return of the vanishing Americans Non-fiction    
Fielding,Helen Bridget Jones diary Humour 65  
Fielding,Helen Bridget Jones’s’ diary   65  
Fielding,Henry Joseph Andrews Fiction    
Fielding,Henry Joseph Andrews,Shamela Fiction    
Fielding,Henry Tom Jones Classic 100 y
Fine Anne Up on cloud nine Children 70 y
Finkel,V The portrait of a crack   65  
Firestone,Shulamith The dialect of sex-the case for feminist revolution Non-Fiction 75  
Fischer,H.J-(edt) Problems of urbanisation in India Non-Fiction 60  
Fischer,Louis Gandhi Auto/bio 50  
Fisher M F K An alphabet of Gourmets Non-Fiction 80 y
Fishman,Jack And the walls came tumbling down      
Fitzgerald,Edwards Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Fiction    
Fitzgerald,F.Scott My lost city,Echoes of the Jazz age,Ring,Early success & more Stories 75  
Fitzgerald,F.Scott Tender is the night Fiction 80  
Fitzgerald,F.Scott Tender is the night Fiction 75  
Fitzgerald,F.Scott The great Gatsby Classic 90  
Fitzgerald,F.Scott The great Gatsby Fiction 75  
Fitzgerald,F.Scott The lost decade and other stories Fiction 75  
Fitzgerald,Penelope The beginning of spring Fiction 80 y
Fitzgerald,Valerie Zemindar Fiction 100  
Flagg Fannie Daisy Fay and the miracle man Fiction 80 y
Flaubert Madame Bovary Fiction 80  
Fleming,Ian Casino Royale Fiction    
Fleming,Ian The man with the golden gun Fiction 70  
Fleming,Ian Thunderball Fiction    
Fletcher,Richard The cross and the crescent Non-Fiction 75  
Fletcher,Susan Eve Green Fiction 60 y
Florman,Samuel The civilized engineer Non-fiction    
Flusser,Alan Style and the man Non-Fiction 70  
Follet Ken Fall of giants Fiction 170 Y
Follet,Ken Code to zero Mystery 65  
Follet,Ken Lie downs with lions Thriller 55  
Follet,Ken On wings of eagle Fiction    
Follet,Ken The man from St.Petersburg–(HB) Fiction    
Follet,Ken World without end Fiction 90  
Folsom,Allan Day of confession Fiction    
Folsom,Allan The exile Fiction 55  
FooT,Hugh A start in freedom      
Forbes,Colin By Stealth Thriller 75 y
Forbes,Colin The savage gorge Thriller 75 y
Forbes,Colin year of the golden ape Thriller 70 y
Ford,Madox,Ford The good soldier: a tale of passion Fiction 80  
Ford,Richard Independence day Fiction 75  
Ford,Richard The sportswriter Fiction 75 y
Ford,Richard The ultimate good luck Fiction 75  
Forester,C.S Hornblower and the Atropos Fiction 70  
Forester,C.S Hornblower and the Atropos Fiction 75 y
Forsrter,E.M A passage to India Fiction 80  
Forster,E.M Collected short stories Stories    
Forster,E.M Collected short stories Stories 75  
Forster,E.M Maurice Fiction 75  
Forster,E.M Where angels fear to tread Fiction 75  
Forsyth Frederick No comebacks Stories 60 y
Forsyth,Frederick No comebacks Fiction    
Forsyth,Frederick The day of the jackal Thriller 70  
Forsyth,Frederick The day of the jackal Suspense 75  
Forsyth,Frederick The devil’s alternative Fiction 75 y
Foucault,Michel Discipline and punish Non-Fiction 250  
Fowler,Gene Good night,Sweet prince-life & times of John Barrymore Auto/bio 65  
Fowler,H.W &F.G The king’s English Learning 75  
Fowles,John A Maggot Fiction 75  
Fowles,John Mantissa Fiction 75  
Fowles,John The Aristos Fiction 60 Y
Fowles,john The French Lieutenant’s woman Fiction    
Fowles,John The Magus Fiction 100  
Fox,Brian A dollar to die for Fiction 60  
France,Anatole On life and letters Non-fiction    
France,Anatole The Gods will have blood Fiction    
Francis,Dick 10Ib penalty Fiction 65  
Francis,Dick Break in Thriller    
Francis,Dick Slay-ride Fiction    
Frank,Anne The diary of Anne Frank Non-fiction    
Frankland thomas W The pipe fitter’s and pipe welder’s handbook Technical 100 y
Franklin.Benjamin The autobiography and other writings Non-fiction 75  
Franzen,Jonathan The corrections Fiction 200 Y
Franzen,Jonathan The discomfort Zone: a personal history Non-Fiction 120 y
Fraser,George Macdonald Flashman Fiction 75  
Fraser,George Macdonald Flashman and the dragon Fiction 75  
Fraser,George Macdonald Flashman and the redskins Fiction 75  
Fraser,George MacDonald Flashman -from the papers 1839-1842-edt.   70  
Fraser,George MacDonald Flashman in the great game Fiction 80  
Fraser,George MacDonald Flashman in the great game Fiction    
Fraser,George Macdonald Flashman’s lady Fiction 75  
Fraser,George MacDonald Royal flash Fiction    
Fraser,George MacDonald The general danced at dawn Fiction    
Frayn Michael Spies Fiction 70 Y
Frazier,Charles Cold mountain Fiction 75  
Frazier,Charles Cold mountain–(2 copy) Fiction 100  
Freeman Lucy & Small,Marvin The story of Psychoanalysis Psychology    
Fremantle,Anne Desert calling :The life of Charles de Foucauld–(HB) Non-Fiction 100 y
Friedman,W World revolution Non-fiction 75  
Fromm,Erich Escape from freedom Non-fiction    
Fromm,Erich Sigmund Freud’s mission:an analysis of his personality and influence Non-fiction 75  
Fromm,Erich The sane society Non-Fiction 70 y
Frost,David & Jay, Anthony To England with love   65  
Fugard,Athol Master Harold”…and the boys Play 250 Y
Fugard,Athol Tsotsi Thriller 100 Y
Fuhmann,Franz Twenty-two days OR half a lifetime   75  
Fulbright,Senato.,J William The arrogance of power Non-fiction 85  
Fulghum, Robert All I really need to I learned in kindergarten Non-fiction 60  
Fulghum,Robert All I really need to know I learned in Kinder garten Non-fiction    
Fulghum,Robert From beginning to end-The rituals of our lives Non-fiction 60  
Fulghum,Robert Uh-Oh:Some observations from both sides of refrigerator door Humour    
Furneaux,Rupert Great dramatic stories of the 20th century Non-fiction    
Fynn,Judy Mister God,this is Anna Children    
Gaarder,Jostein Sophie’s choice Fiction 85  
Gaarder,Jostein Sophie’s world Fiction 90  
Gaarder,Jostein Sophie’s world Fiction 100  
Gaarder,Jostein The solitaire mystery Fiction 85  
Gaarder.Jostein Sophie’s world Fiction 85  
Gadiesh,Orit & MacArthur,Hugh Lessons from private equity and company can use Non-Fiction 75  
Gaines,Ernest J A gathering of old men Fiction 110 y
Galbraith,J,K Money Non-fiction 75  
Galbraith,J,K The Galbraith reader Fiction 75  
Galbraith,J,K The new industrial state Non-fiction 55  
Galbraith,J,K The world economy since the wars Non-fiction 55  
Galbraith,J.K The great crash 1929 Non-Fiction 60  
Galbraith,John Kenneth The good society:The human agenda Non-Fiction 140  
Galbraith,Kenneth John The nature of mass poverty Non-Fiction 80  
Galbratih,John Kenneth The liberal hour Non-Fiction 75 Y
Gallico,Paul The Poseidon adventure   55  
Gallico,Paul The snow Goose Fiction 75 y
Gallmann,Kuki I dreamed of Africa Non-Fiction 75  
Galwash,Ahmad,A The religion of Islam-vol -I Religion 90  
Gandhi M K An autobiography OR The story of my experiments with truth–(abridged edition) Auto/Bio 80 y
Gandhi,M.K Socialism of my conception Non-fiction    
Gandhi,M.K The selected works of M,K Gandhi Non-fiction    
Ganpuley, N.G Netaji in Germany–a little-known chapter Non-Fiction 130  
Gantzer hugh & Colleen Looking beyond Travelogue 150 y
Gardner Erle Stanley The case of the sleepwalker’s niece Mystery 60 y
Gardner,john The art of fiction Non-Fiction 80  
GardnermErle Stanley The case of the mythical monkey Mystery 75  
Garfield,Leon John Diamond   75 y
Garfield,Leon Smith   65  
Garner,Alan The weirdstone of Brisingamen Fiction    
Garnett,Eve The family from one end street and some of their adventures      
Garrett,Eileen J Adventures in the supernormal Non-Fiction   Y
Gaskell,Elizabeth Mary Barton:A tale of Manchester life Classic 75 Y
Gaskell,Elizabeth North and South Fiction 75  
Gaskin,Carol The war of the wizards Fiction 60  
Gasking,Elizabeth Investigation into generation 1651-1828 Non-fiction    
Gavin,Jamila From out of the shadows Fiction 80 y
Gay,Peter Savage reprisal(Bleak house,Madame Bovary,Buddenbrooks) Non-Fiction 125  
George,Elizabeth Write away Non-Fiction 75 y
George,Elizabeth Write away Non-Fiction 100  
George,Elizabeth Write away Non-fiction    
George,Susan How the other half dies and the real reasons for world hunger Non-fiction 75  
Gibbon,Edward The decline and fall of the Roman empire-(abridged) Non-Fiction 100  
Gibran,Kahlil The storm Fiction 70  
Gibran,Khalil The Prophet Fiction 50  
Gilbert,Michael Be shot for six pence War story    
Gilder,Jeannette L—Editor Master pieces of the world’s best literature–(pocket size in HB)–2 copy Fiction 90  
Gilman,George G The big gold Fiction 60  
Gissing,George New Grub street Classic 100 Y
Gissing,George New Grub street Classic    
Gissing,George The odd women Classic 80  
Gladwell Malcolm Outliers: the story of success Non-Fiction 150 Y
Glazebrook,Philip Captain Vinegar’s commission Fiction 55 y
Gleick,James Chaos:The amazing science of the unpredictable Non-Fiction 90  
Godden,Rumer An episode of sparrows Fiction 75  
Godden,Rumer The dark horse Fiction 70 y
Godden,Rumer The Diddakoi Fiction 70 y
Godden,Rumer The peacock spring Fiction 80  
Goethe,J.W The sorrows of young Werther and Novella-(HB) Fiction 200  
Goethe,Johann Wolfgang The sorrows of young Werther –(paperback)–edited by Haskle Dole Fiction 100 y
Goff Martyn Prize writing–of Booker prize winners–(HB) Fiction 80 y
Gogol,Nikolai Dead souls Classic 85  
Gogol,Nikolai Taras Bulba–(good condition) Fiction 140 Y
Gold,Michael Jews withou money Fiction 75  
Golden,Arthur Memoirs of a Geisha Non-fiction    
Golding,William Free fall Fiction 70  
Golding,William Lord of the flies Classic 75  
Golding,William Lord of the rings Fiction 75  
Golding,William The spire Fiction 70  
Goldsmith,Oliver The vicar of Wakefield Classic 75  
Goleman Daniel Ecological intelligence:The coming age of radical tranparency Non-Fiction 150 y
Goodman,Jeffery We are Earthquake generation Non-fiction    
Goodspeed Bennett W The Tao Jones averages: a guide to whole-brained investing Non-Fiction 70 Y
Gopnik,Adam Paris to the moon   65  
Gorbachev,Mikhail Perestroika:New thinking for our country and the world Non-fiction 65  
Gordon,Richard The private life of Florence nightingale Non-fiction 65  
Gorky Childhood-(HB0 Fiction 75 Y
Gorky,M Childhood Auto/bio 80  
Gosse,Edmund Father and sons-(HB,pocket)      
Goulden,Joseph Monopoly Economics 70  
Graham,Lt.Col History of the Argyll and Sutherland highlanders Military Adv. 100  
Grahame,Kenneth The wind in the willows Fiction 60 y
Grant The journey      
Grass,Gunther The meeting at Telgte Fiction 70  
Graves,Robert Claudius the God Fiction    
Graves,Robert Claudius the God Fiction 75  
Graves,Robert I Claudius Classic 75 y
Graves,Robert I,Claudius Fiction    
Graves,Robert The siege and fall of Troy History 65  
Gray,Richard A collection of critical essays:Robert Penn Warren Non-fiction 50  
Grayling.A.C The God argument Non-Fiction   y
Grazini,Giovanni Solzhenitsyn-A stark examination of censorship Non-Fiction 80 y
Greaves,Adrian Lawrence of Arabia Non-Fiction 150 Y
Green, Stephen Good value Eco/Bus. 80  
Green,Roger Lancelyn Tales of ancient Egypt Non-Fiction 60  
Green,Roger Lancelyn Tales of ancient Egypt Fiction 50  
Greene James & Lewis David The hidden language of your handwriting Non-Fiction 80 y
Greene,Brian The fabric of the Cosmos Science 200 Y
Greene,Graham A burnt-out case Fiction 75  
Greene,Graham Brighton rock Fiction    
Greene,Graham Dr.Fischer of Geneva OR The bomb party   75  
Greene,Graham Journey without maps Travelogue 175  
Greene,Graham May we borrow your husband? & other comedies of the sexual life Fiction 60 y
Greene,Graham Our man in Havana Fiction 75  
Greene,Graham The captain and the enemy Fiction 75  
Greene,Graham The human factor Fiction 75  
Greene,Graham The man within Fiction 75  
Greene,Graham The ministry of fear Fiction 75  
Greene,Graham The tenth man Fiction 80  
Greogory Quest for equality-(HB) Non-Fiction    
Grey,Viscount Fallodon papers Non-Fiction 100 y
Grey,Zane Knights of the range Western 75  
Grey,Zane Stairs of sand Western 75  
Grey,Zane The hash knife outfit Western 75  
Grey,Zane The lawless land Western 75  
Griffith,Ernest S The American system of government Non-Fiction 70  
Griffith.J.A.G The politics of the judiciary Non-Fiction 75  
Grimble Arthur A pattern of islands–(HB) Travelogue 140 y
Grimm Grimm’s fairy tales Fiction 50  
Grimm Selected stories Fiction   y
Grimmelshausen,Von The adventures of a simpleton-(Tr. By Walter Wallich)   80  
grimwood,Ken Breakthrough Fiction 120  
Grisham,John Ford country(stories) Fiction 65  
Grisham,John The firm Fiction 70  
Grisham,John The summons, &The king of Torts Fiction 75  
Groom.Winston Gump & co   65  
Groseclose,Elgn ararat Fiction    
Grossman,David Sleeping on a wire Non-fiction 75  
Grossman,David The book of intimate grammar Non-fiction 75  
Grosvenor,Peter/McMillan James The British genius Non-fiction 60  
Grundon M F & Henbest H B Organic Chemistry–an introduction–(HB) Academics 90 y
Guerdan,Rene Byzantium:its triumphs and tragedy–(HB) Travelogue 130 y
Guha,Ramchandra Wickets in the East Non-Fiction 30  
Guicciardini,Francesco Selected writings Non-fiction    
Gunther,John Death be not proud Memoirs 70  
Gunther,John Inside Asia-(HB) Non-fiction out  
Gunther,John Inside Europe today Non-Fiction 50 y
Gunther,max The Zurich axioms      
Guterson,David Snow falling on the Cedar Fiction    
Guthrie,A.B The big sky      
Gutteridge Reg King of commentary–(boxing) Auto/Bio 70 y
Hacker,Frederick, J Crusaders,criminals,crazies:terror and terrorism in our time Non-Fiction   y
Haddon,Mark A spot of bother Fiction 75  
Haddon,Mark The curious incident of the dog in the night-time Humour 75  
Hadley Leila Give me the world Travelogue 250 y
Hagen,Victor W.Von The Aztec:Man and tribe Non-Fiction Rs,75  
Haggard Allan Quatermain Fiction 70  
Haggard,Ridder H Allan Quatermain Classic    
Haggard,Ridder H King Solomon’s mines Classic    
Haggard,Rider H King Solomon’s mine Classic 60  
Haggard,Rider H She Fiction 75  
Haggard,Rider H She Classic Rs.75  
Haldeman,Joe Worlds–A novel of the near future Science Fiction 70  
Hale,Edward Everett The man without any country and other tales Fiction 75  
Halliday,Fred Iran:Dictatorship and development Non-fiction 60  
Hamilton,Clive Growth fetish Non-fiction 75  
Hamilton,Edith The Greek way to Western Civilzation Non-Fiction 70  
Hamilton,Edith The Roman way to Western Civilization Non-Fiction   Y
Hamilton,Edith The Roman way to Western Civilization Non-Fiction 70  
Hamilton,Jill First to Damascus: The great ride and Lawrence of Arabia Non-Fiction 175  
Hamilton,Jill First to Damascus:the great ride of Lawrence of Arabia Non-fiction    
Hammett,Dashiel The continetal OP Mystery 75  
Hampshire,H (Edt) Selections from Ruskin Fiction 75  
Hanif,Mohammed A case of exploding mangoes Fiction 70  
Hara,John Hellbox Stories   Y
Hara,John O My turn Fiction 55  
Harding,D.W Experience into words—-essays on poetry Non-Fiction 80 y
Harding,Mike Rambling on Non-fiction    
Hardy,Thomas A Laodicean (A story of To-day Fiction 75  
Hardy,Thomas A pair of blue eyes Fiction 75  
Hardy,Thomas Far from the madding crowd Classic 75  
Hardy,Thomas Far from the madding crowd-(HB) Classic    
Hardy,Thomas Stories Stories 75  
Hardy,Thomas Tess of the Durbervilles Classic 65  
Hardy,Thomas Tess of the Durbervilles Classic 75  
Hardy,Thomas Tess of the D’urbevilles Fiction 70  
Hardy,Thomas Tess of the D’urbevilles Fiction 65  
Hardy,Thomas The mayor of Casterbridge Classic 65  
Hardy,Thomas The return of the native Classic    
Hardy,Thomas The trumpet-major Fiction 75  
Harmel,Kristin How to sleep with a movie star Fiction    
Harris,Marvin Cows,pigs,wars and witches:The riddles of culture Non-fiction    
Harris,Thomas I am OK- you are Ok Non-fiction    
Harris,Thomas The silence of the lambs Thriller 90  
Hart,Liddell Why don’t we learn from history? Non-fiction 85  
Hartley,L.P The hireling Classic 75  
Haruf,Kent Plainsong Fiction 70  
Hawkes John The frog Fiction 90 y
Hawthrone,Nathaniel A wonder book Fiction 70  
Hawthrone,Nathaniel The Blithedale romance Fiction 70  
Hawthrone,Nathaniel The marble faun Fiction 65  
Hawthrone,Nathaniel The portable Hawthorne Anthology 170  
Hawthrone,Nathaniel The Scarlet letter Classic 70  
Hawthrone,Nathaniel The Scarlet letter Classic 65  
Hazarika,Sanjoy Strangers of the mist-tales of War & peace from India’s NE Non-Fiction 120  
Heller,Joseph Good as gold Fiction 60  
Hemingway,Ernest A farewell to arms Classic 90  
Hemingway,Ernest A farewell to arms Fiction    
Hemingway,Ernest A farewell to arms Fiction 80  
Hemingway,Ernest Green hills of Africa Non-Fiction 75 Y
Hemingway,Ernest Islands in the stream Fiction 75  
Henri & Zee Barbara Van der William and Mary      
Henry,James The Bostanians Fiction 75  
Herbert,Frank Children of Dune Science Fiction    
Herbert,Frank Dune Science Fiction 80 y
Herbert,Frank Dune Science Fiction 75  
Herbert,Frank Dune Science Fiction    
Herbert,Frank The priest of PSI Science Fiction 60  
Herbert,Frank & Herbert,Brian The road to Dune Science Fiction    
Herbert,Katherine Atwell The perfect screenplay:writing it and selling it Non-Fiction 80 y
Herriot,James All things bright and beautiful Humour 70  
Herriot,James The lord God made them all Fiction 70  
Herriot,James Vet in a spin Humour 70  
Herriot,James Vet in harness Humour 70  
Hersey,John Hiroshima Non-Fiction 65  
Hersey,John Hiroshima Non-Fiction 85  
Hersey,John The child buyer      
Heyer,Georgette Death in the stocks Mystery 75 y
Heyer,Georgette Friday’s child Mystery 75  
Heyer,Georgette My lord John Mystery   y
Heyer,Georgette Regency -Buck Mystery 70  
Heyer,Georgette The black moth Mystery 75  
Heyer,Georgette They found him dead Mystery    
Hiaasen,Carl Nature girl Humour 75 y
Hiaasen,Carl Skin tight Humour 70  
Hiaasen,Carl Stormy weather Humour    
Hibbard,Howard Bernini—–(pages are missing)     y
Hickman,Homer H October sky Fiction 70  
Hicks,Peter Transmission Non-Fiction 90  
Hidayatullah.M A judge’s miscellany-(2nd series) Non-Fiction 80  
Higbee,Kenneth Your memory how it works and how to improve it Non-fiction 70  
Higham,Charles The adventures of Conan Doyle Auto/bio 70  
Hillaby,John London Non-Fiction 80  
Hillerman,Tony The great Taos bank robbery and other country affairs Non-fiction 65  
Hina Zahida All passion spent Fiction 70 y
Hines,Barry A kestrel for a knave Fiction 70  
Hislop J Approach to Geometry–(HB) –VOL ii Academics 100 y
Hitchcock,Alfred A hangman’s dozen Mystery 75  
Hitchens,Christopher Letters to a young contrarian Fiction out  
Hite,Shere Women in love      
Hitler,Adolf Mein Kempf Non-Fiction 150 y
Hoeg,Peter The history of Danish dreams Fiction 75  
Hoffer,Eric The true believer Non-fiction 65  
Hoffman,Banesh &Dukas,Helen Einstein Auto/Bio    
Hoffun,Maritn & Raeper,William Spring awakening:an account of the 1990 revolution in Nepal Non-fiction    
Hogan,George Malta:The triumphant years-1940-1943 Non-fiction 75  
Hogg,James The private memoirs and confessions of a justified sinner Fiction 100 Y
Hogg,James The private memoirs and confessions of a justified sinner Fiction 90  
Hollander Xaviera Xaviera! Her continuing adventures–(HB) Non-Fiction 110 y
Holm Anne I am David Fiction 70 Y
Holmes,Oliver Wendell The autocrat of the breakfast table Non-Fiction 75 y
Holt Begonia walk Mystery 60  
Holt,Victoria The shadows of the lynx His/fic 70  
Hope,Anthony The prisoner of Zenda Classic 55  
Hope,Anthony The prisoner of Zenda Classic    
Hope,Anthony The prisoner of Zenda Fiction 60  
Horler Nighthaek strikes to kill   60  
Hornby,Nick A long way down Fiction 65  
Hornby,Nick About a boy Fiction   y
Hornby,Nick About a boy Fiction 75  
Hornby,Nick About a boy Fiction    
Hornby,Nick Fever pitch Fiction    
Hornby,Nick High fidelity Fiction 70  
Hornby,Nick How to be good Fiction 70 y
Hornby,Nick Juliet,Naked Fiction 65  
Hornby,Nick Slam Fiction 65  
Houer,Christian Schmidt Gorbachev:The path to power Auto/Bio    
Hough,George A News writing Non-Fiction 160  
Houston,Jeanne W & Houston,James Farewell to Manzanar Non-Fiction 85 Y
Howard,Godgrey Good English handbook Learning 75  
Howard,Peter Design for dedication Non-fiction 75  
Howard,Peter Frank Buchman’s secret   out  
Howe,Irving William Faulkner Non-fiction    
Howells,Bain Government and economy Non-fiction    
Howells,William Dean The rise of silas Lipman Fiction 65  
Hoyle,Fred The nature of the universe-a series of broadcast lectures Non-fiction 75  
Hrabal,Bahumil The death of Mr.Baltisberges      
Hubbard,Ron L Scientology-The fundamentals of thought Non-fiction 75  
Hubbard,Ron L The invaders plan Science Fiction 60  
Hubbard,Ron,L The enemy within Fiction 50  
Hubner,John & Braun,Jackson The cat who played Brahms Fiction 65  
Hugo,Victor Les Miserable–(HB) Classic    
Hugo,Victor The hunchback of Notre Dame Fiction    
Hull & Peter The Peter principle Bus/Man. 70  
Hulme,Keri The bone people Fiction 75  
Humphreys,Stephen Between memory and desire:The Middle East in the troubled age Non-fiction    
Humphrys,John Lost for words Language 75  
Humphrys,John Lost for words:the mangling and manipulating of English Non-Fiction 75 y
Hunter,Norman Professor Branestawn’s treasure hunt Fiction 75  
Hunter,Norman The incredible adventures of professor Branestawn   75  
Huntington,Ellsworth Mainsprings of civilization Non-fiction 75  
Hurston,Zora Neale Their eyes were watching God Classic 75  
Husain Intizat Circle and other Stories 80 y
Hustvedt,Siri A plea for Eros Essays 75  
Hustvedt,Siri A plea for Eros      
Huteesingh,Krishna With no regrets Auto/Bio 75  
Huxley, julian The living thoughts of Darwin Non-fiction 75  
Huxley,Aldous Ape and essence Fiction    
Huxley,Aldous Brave new world Science Fiction 100  
Huxley,Aldous Brave new world Science Fiction    
Huxley,Aldous Brave new world Fiction 75  
Huxley,Aldous Brave new worlds Fiction 75 y
Huxley,Aldous Brave new worlds Fiction 70  
Huxley,Aldous Crome yellow Fiction 75  
Huxley,Aldous Point counter point Fiction 75  
Huxley,Aldous Selected essays Non-fiction 75  
Huxley,Elspeth Red strangers Fiction 75  
Huxley,Sir Julian & others The destiny of man Essays    
Hwang,David Henry M butterfly Play 120 y
Hwang,David Henry M.Butterfly Drama 150  
Hyman,B.D My mother’s keeper Fiction    
Ibsen,Henrik A doll’s house Play 60  
Ibsen,Henrik Hedda Gabler ,A doll’s house &The wild duck Play   Y
Ibsen,Henrik Hedda Gabler and other plays Play 75  
Ibuse,masuji Black rain Fiction    
Iederer,Richard & Gilleland,Michael Literary trivia Non-Fiction 75  
Innes,Hammond Harvest of journeys Non-Fiction 70  
Innes,Hammond The land God gave to Cain–(HB) Fiction 60 y
Innes,Hammond The white south Fiction 70  
Innes,Miranda Cinnamon city:Falling for the magical city of Marrakech Travelogue 90  
Irvine Apes,angels and victorians Non-fiction    
Irving,John A prayer for Owen Meany Fiction    
Irving,John A prayer for Owen Meany Fiction 75  
Irving,John A widow for one year Fiction    
Irving,John A widow for one year Fiction 75  
Irving,John Setting free the bears Fiction 75  
Irving,John The hotel new Hampshire Fiction    
Irving,John The imaginary girlfriend Fiction    
Irving,John The world according to Garp Fiction 75  
Irving,John The world according to the Garp-(HB) Fiction 90  
Irving,Washington The legend of sleepy hollow & other stories Fiction 60 y
Irving,Washington The legend of sleepy hollow and other stories Fiction 75  
Irving,Washington The sketch book of Geoffrey crayon Fiction    
Isherwood,Christopher A meeting by the river Fiction    
Isherwood,Christopher Goodbye to Berlin Fiction 70  
Isherwood,Christopher Lions and shadows Auto/Bio    
Ismael & Jacquiline Government and politics in Islam Non-fiction    
Israel,Charles E Who was then the gentleman?      
Iweala,Uzodinma Beast of no nation   75  
Iweala,Uzodinma Beasts of no nation Non-fiction 75  
Iyengar,Rajagopal T.S Centre-state relations in India Non-Fiction 150  
Jackson,Helen Hunt Ramona Fiction 75 y
Jacoby,Russell Social amnesia: a critique of contemporary psychology from Adler to Laing Non-Fiction 100 Y
Jacq,Christian The black Pharaoh Fiction 60  
Jalan,Bimal India’s economy in the new millennium-selected essays Non-fiction    
Jalan,Bimal India’s economy policy Non-fiction    
Jalan,Bimal The Indian economy Non-fiction    
James,Clive Brilliant creatures Fiction 75 y
James,Clive Brilliant creatures Non-Fiction 70 y
James,Clive Flying visits Non-fiction    
James,Clive From the land of shadows Essays 70  
James,Donald The fall of the Russian empire-(novel) Fiction 75  
James,Henry Daisy Miller & other stories Fiction    
James,Henry The ambassadors Classic 75  
James,Henry The ambassadors Fiction    
James,Henry The American-(HB) Classic 125 Y
James,Henry The Europeans Classic 75  
James,Henry The golden bowl Fiction 100  
James,Henry The golden bowl Fiction 75  
James,Henry The portrait of a lady Classic 75  
James,Henry The portrait of a lady Fiction 150 y
James,Henry The portrait of a lady Classic    
James,Henry The turn of the screw & Daisy Miller Classic 75  
James,Henry The turn of the screw &Daisy Miller Classic 60  
James,henry Washington square Fiction 75  
James,henry What Maisie knew Fiction 75  
James,P.D Cover her face Mystery 75 y
James,P.D Device & desires Mystery    
James,P.D Innocent blood Fiction 75  
James,P.D The children of men Mystery 75  
James,P.D The skull beneath the skin Mystery 80  
James,P.D Unnatural causes Mystery 80  
James,P.D & Critchley T.A The maul and the Pear tree Non-fiction 70  
James.Henry The ambassadors Classic 80  
James.P.D Innocent blood Mystery 70  
Janowitz,Tama A certain age      
Jeans,Sir James The mysterious universe Non-fiction 75  
Jeffers,Susan Feel the fear and do it anyway Self-help 70  
Jefferson,Thomas Light and liberty-reflections pursuit of hapiness Non-fiction    
Jefferson,Thomas Light and liberty: reflections on the pursuit of happiness–(HB) Non-Fiction 150  
Jeffreys Diarmuid Hell’s cartel:Ig Farben and the making of Hitler’s war machine–(HB) Non-Fiction 200 y
Jennings Paul Unreal! Humour 70 y
Jerome K. Jerome Three men in a boat & Three men on a Bummel Humour    
Jerome K.Jerome Three men in a boat Humour 70 Y
Jhabvala,Ruth Prawar Heat and dust Fiction 70  
Jhabvala,Ruth Prawar Out of India Stories 85  
Jhabvala,Ruth Prawar Shards of memory Fiction 70  
Jhabvala,Ruth Prawar To whom she will Fiction 70  
Jhabvala,Ruth Prawer A stronger climate Fiction    
Jhabvala,Ruth Prawer Like birds like fishes Fiction 60 y
Jhabvala,Ruth Prawer The householder Fiction 75 y
Jimenez,Juan Ramon God desired and desiring Poems 120 Y
Jin,Ha Waiting Fiction    
John,Binoo K Entry from the backside only Non-fiction    
John.V.V The orbiting professor   55 y
Johns,Captain Biggles looks back–A story of Biggles and the air police   100 y
Johnson Volpone,Epicone,The Alchemist Drama 70  
Johnson ben Volpone OR The fox Play 70 y
Johnson Paul George Washington: the founding father Auto/Bio 80 Y
Johnson Peter B Reuter reporting among the Communist 1958-59 Non-Fiction 80 y
Johnson,Hazlitt,Macaulay Milton poetry and prose Non-fiction    
Johnson,Samuel A Johnson selection Non-Fiction 200  
Jonas,Hans The phenomenon of life Non-fiction    
Jones Diana Wynne The lives of Christopher Chant:The childhood of Chrestomanci Fiction 70 y
Jones Lloyd Mister Pip Fiction 75 y
Jordan Penny Starting over Romance 75 y
Joseph Richard Bestsellers top writers tell how–(interviews) Non-Fiction 200 y
Joyce,James A portait of the artist as a young man Fiction 70  
Joyce,James A portrait of the artist as a young man Classic    
Joyce,James Dubliner Classic 70  
Joyce,James Dubliners Fiction    
Joyce,James Dubliners Fiction 70  
Joyce,James The essentials Fiction 70  
Joyce,James Ulysses Classic    
Jung,Anees Peace in winter gardens:Ordinary people,extraordinary lives Non-fiction 70  
Junger,Sebastian The perfect storm Adventure    
Junger,Sebastian The perfect storm Adventure 75  
Kadare,Ismail Agamemnon’s daughter Fiction 90  
Kadare,Ismail Chronicle in stone Fiction   y
Kadare,Ismail The fall of the stone city–(HB)–2 copies Fiction 160 y
Kadare,Ismail The file on H Fiction 80  
Kadare,Ismail The siege Fiction 175 y
Kafka,Franz Selected short stories-(HB) Fiction 170  
Kafka,Franz The metamorphosis Fiction 85  
Kakar,Sudhir The crimson throne Fiction 200  
Kazan,Elia The under study Fiction 70 y
Keane,Fergal Letter to Daniel–dispatches from the heart Non-Fiction 75 y
Keates,Jonathan Allegro Postillions   60  
Keates,Jonathan Italian journeys Travelogue 120 y
Keating,H.R.F One man and his bomb Mystery 70 y
Keating,H.R.F The perfect murder Mystery 70  
Keay,John Sowing the wind:the mismanagement of the Middle-East 1900-1960 Non-fiction    
Keegan,John The American civil war Non-Fiction 90  
Keegan,John The battle for history–fighting World War II War/History    
Keenan,Brian An evil cradling Fiction 75 y
Keenan,Brigid Diplomatic baggage Non-fiction    
Keene Carolyn The secret of shadow Ranch–(Nancy Drew mysteries) Mystery 70 Y
Keith,Kent M Anyway:The paradoxical commandments Non-Fiction 100 y
Kellerman,Jonathan Billy straight Fiction   y
Kellerman,Jonathan Devil’ waltz Fiction 70 y
Kellerman,Jonathan Gone Fiction 70  
Kellerman,Jonathan Mystery Fiction 70 y
Kellerman,Jonathan Silent partner Fiction 70 y
Kelman,James How late it was,how late Fiction 75  
Kememan,Harry Conversations with Rabbu Small Fiction 75 Y
Kennedy,Paul Preparing for the 21-st century Non-Fiction   Y
Kennedy,William Billy Phelan’s greatest game Fiction 75  
Kent,Alexander Richard Bolitho Fiction    
Kent,Robert Agony:problem pages through the ages Non-fiction    
Kerouac,Jack On the road Travelogue 165  
Kerouac,Jack The dharma bums Non-Fiction 165  
Kerouac,Jack The dharma bums Non-Fiction 170  
Kershaw,Alex To save a people History   y
Kesey,Ken One flew over the cuckoo’s nest Fiction 75  
Kesey,Ken Sailor song Fiction    
Kesson,Jessie Another time another place Fiction 75  
Ketcham,Hank Dennis the menace and his pal Joey Humour 75 Y
Ketkar,Shilavati Look back with me Auto/Bio    
Khan,Badshah My life and struggle Non-fiction    
Khanna,Balraj Sweet chillies Fiction 75 y
Khilnani,B.f Roses of romance Stories 45 y
Kidd,Flora Enchnatment in blue Fiction    
Kidder,Tracy Mountains beyond mountains Auto/Bio 120 Y
Kidman,Brenda A handful of tears      
King,Alexander Mine enemy grows older   45 y
King,Stephen It Horror 75  
King,Stephen The drawing of the three-the dark tower-vol 2 Fiction 120  
King,Stephen–(writing as Richard Bachman) The regulators     y
Kingsley,Charles The heroes   75  
Kingsley,Charles The water babies Children    
Kingsley,Charles Westward Ho! Classic    
Kingsolver,Barbara Pigs in heaven Fiction    
Kingsolver,Barbara The bean trees Fiction 65  
Kingsolver,Barbara The poisonwood Bible Fiction 100  
Kingston,Maxime Hong China men Fiction 75  
Kingston,Maxime Hong The woman warrior Fiction 75  
Kipling,Rudyard Captain courageous Fiction 60  
Kipling,Rudyard Captain Courages Fiction 70  
Kipling,Rudyard Humourous tales Fiction 75  
Kipling,Rudyard Just so stories Fiction 70  
Kipling,Rudyard Just so stories Fiction    
Kipling,Rudyard Kim Classic    
Kipling,Rudyard Kim Fiction 75  
Kipling,Rudyard So shall ye reap-poems fro these days Poetry 75  
Kipling,Rudyard The jungle book Fiction 70 y
Kipling,Rudyard The jungle books Fiction    
Kipling,Rudyard The Naulahka Fiction 75  
Kipling,Rudyard The seven seas–(New) Poetry 150 Y
Kirton,Robert Moments of glory War story    
Kleist The Marauise of O and other stories Stories   y
Knowles,John A separate peace Fiction    
Knowles,John A stolen past Fiction    
Knowles,John Peace breaks out Fiction 70  
Koch,Peter & Herman,Kai Assault at Mogadishu Non-Fiction 45  
Koestler,Arthur Darkness at noon Fiction 85  
Koestler,Arthur The roots of coincidence Non-fiction 85  
Koestler,Arthur The sleepwalkers:A history of man’s changing vision of the Univ. Non-fiction 85  
Kogawa,Joy Obasan Fiction 75  
Kolkowski,Leszek Religion Religion 70  
Konrad,George The case worker Fiction 70  
Korda,Michael Charmed lives Fiction 65  
Kovoor,Abraham Gods demons & spirits Non-fiction 90  
Krakauer,Jon Into the wild Travelogue 90  
Krakauer,Jon Into thin air Adventure    
Krakauer,Jon Into thin air Adventure 75  
Krasin,Yuri Sociology of revolution –a Marxist view Non-fiction 75  
Krishan,Yuvraj Understanding partition: separation,not liquidation–(HB) Non-Fiction   y
Kroeber,Theodora Ishi-last of his tribes Fiction 75  
Kumar Amitava Husband of a fanatic Fiction 75 y
Kuo,Ping Chia China-new age and new outlook Non-fiction    
Kureishi Hanif My beautiful laundrette Play 60 y
Kureishi,Hanif The Buddha of suburbia Fiction 75  
Kurlansky,Mark The basque history of the world History    
L”amour,Louis Education of a wandering man Auto/Bio 100  
Labedz,Leopold Solzhenitsyn-A documentary record Non-Fiction 80  
Labin,Suzzane The secret of democracy Fiction 75  
Laffin,John The dagger of Islam Non-Fiction 70  
Lahiri Jhumpa Unaccustomed Earth—3 copies Fiction 135 Y
Lahri,Jhumpa The namesake–2 copy Fiction 110 y
Laiq,Jawid The maverick republic-(INDIA) Non-Fiction 80  
Lal Ramji Waiting for Godot–(critical study) (sans the main text) Criticism 80 y
Lalljee Know your Islam Religion 55  
Lamb,Charles The complete works of Charles Lamb-(HB) Fiction 150  
Lambert,Andrew Admirals:the naval commamders who made Britain great Non-Fiction 120 Y
Lamott,Anne Bird by bird:some instructions on writing and life Non-Fiction 120 Y
Lamour,Louis Dark canyon Western   Y
Landon Anna and the king of Siam Fiction 50  
Langenscheidt German-English &English-German dictionary Language 70 y
Langesiesche,William The Atomic bazaar-The rise of the nuclear poor Non-Fiction 90  
Lapierre,Dominique Beyond love Non-fiction    
Lapierre,Dominique Once upon a time in the Soviet Union Travelogue 90  
Lapierre,Dominique & Collins Larry Freedom at midnight Non-fiction 75  
Lappierre,Dominique The city of joy Fiction    
Larousse French-English & English-French dictionary Language 75 Y
Larsson,Stieg The girl who played with fire Mystery 100  
Larsson,Stieg The girl with the dragon tattoo Fiction 100  
Latow,Roberta Objects of desire      
Lawrence,Bruce The Quran     y
Lawrence,D.H Aaron’s rod Fiction 65  
Lawrence,D.H Best of Lawrence Stories 60 y
Lawrence,D.H The last laugh and other stories Stories 45  
Lawrence,D.H Women in love Fiction    
Lawrence,D.N Sons and lovers Fiction 70  
Lawson,Nigel An appeal to reason:a cool look at global warming Non-Fiction 80 Y
Leasor,James Mandarin gold Fiction    
Leaves,F.R The great tradition-Eliot,James ,Joseph Conrad–(HB) Non-fiction    
Ledda,Grazia De Mother Fiction    
Lederer,Richard & Gileland,Michael Literary trivia Non-Fiction 90  
Leduc,Violette The lady and the little fox fur Fiction 55 y
Leonard,Elmore Get shorty Fiction 75  
Leonard,Elmore Rum Punch Fiction 75  
Lessing,Doris Briefing for a descent into hell Fiction 75  
Lessing,Doris Canopus in Argos Fiction 70  
Lessing,Doris In pursuit of the English Fiction 75  
Lessing,Doris The black Madonna Fiction    
Lessing,Doris The diaries of Jane Somers Fiction 75  
Lessing,Doris The golden notebook F 85  
Lessing,Doris The summe before the dark Fiction    
Lessing,Gotthold Ephrain Laokoon and how the ancients represented death-(HB)   100  
Lester,Julius To be a slave Fiction    
Lester,Julius To be a slave   70  
Levenson,Sam Everything but money Non-fiction    
Levi,Peter The frontiers of Paradise–a study of monks and monasteries–(HC) Non-Fiction 200 y
Levi,Primo Othe people’s trade Essays 75  
Levi,Primo Other people’s trade Essays    
Levin,Bernard I should say so – (HB) Non-Fiction   y
Levine Noah Against the stream: a Buddhist manual for spiritual revolutionaries Religion 100 y
Levis,Larry The dollmaker’s ghost Poetry 100 y
Levitt,Steven D &Drebner Stephen Freakonomics Non-Fiction 75  
Lewis & Stewart The managers Bus/Man.    
Lewis C S The lion,the witch and the wardrobe Classic 70 y
Lewis,Bernard Islam from the Prophet Muhammed to the capture of Constantinople Non-fiction 250  
Lewis,Bernard The multiple identities of the Middle East Non-fiction    
Lewis,Bernard What went wrong?Western impact and Middle Eastern response Non-Fiction 90  
Lewis,C.S Letters to children Fiction 65  
Lewis,C.S Prince Caspian Fiction 65  
Lewis,C.S The great divorce Non-Fiction 75 y
Lewis,C.S The horse and his boy Fiction 65  
Lewis,C.S The horse and his boy Fiction 60 y
Lewis,C.S The last battle Fiction 75 y
Lewis,C.s The last battle Children 65  
Lewis,C.S The lion,the witch and the wardrobe Fiction 60 y
Lewis,C.S The lion,the witch and the wardrobe Children 70  
Lewis,C.s The magician’s nephew Children 65  
Lewis,C.S The pilgrim’s regress-an allegorical apology for Christianity Non-Fiction 90  
Lewis,C.S The voyage of the dawn treader Fiction 70  
Lewis,David & Hughman Peter Most unnatural:An inquiry into the Stafford case Non-fiction 55  
Lewis,Michael The Spanish armada His/fic 70  
Lewis,Norman Better English Language 55  
Lewis,Norman The world the world Travelogue 90  
Lewis,Norman Wordpower made easy Non-Fiction 75 y
Lewis,Oscar A death in the Sanchez family Fiction    
Lewis,Oscar The children of Sanchez Fiction    
Lewis,Sinclair Babbit Classic 75  
Lewis,Sinclair Gideon Planish Fiction 65  
Lewis,Sinclair It can’t happen here Fiction 70  
Lewyika,Marina A short history of treactors in Ukrainian Humour 75 y
Lilla,Mack The stillborn God-religion,Politics and the modern West Non-fiction    
Linlater,Eric A year in space Non-fiction    
Lipman,Maureen How was it for you?Home thoughts from a broad      
Lippman,Thomas W Understanding Islam Religion    
Lively,Penelope The photograph Fiction 75  
Llewellyn,Sam Gurney’s revenge Fiction 65  
Locke,John Political writings Non-fiction 75  
Lodge David Paradise news Fiction 75 y
Lodge,David How far can you go? Fiction 75  
Lodge,David Small world Fiction 75  
Lomask,Milton The spirit of 1787:The making of our Constitution Non-fiction    
London Jack The call of the wild-(HB) Classic 75 y
London,Jack Short stories Stories 70  
London,jack The call of the wild Fiction 60  
London,Jack The call of the wild Fiction 70 y
London,Jack White fang Fiction 70  
London,Jack White fang Classic 100  
Lonely Planet Trekking in the Karakoram & Hundukush Guide 500 y
Loon,Hendrik William Van Ancient man   75  
Lord,Walter A night to remember History 75  
Lord,Walter A night to remember   70  
Lowry Lois The giver Classic 75 y
Lowry,Lewis The giver Fiction    
Lowry,Lois Gathering blue Fiction    
Lowry,Lois The giver Fiction 65  
Lowry,Lois The giver Fiction 60  
Lowther,William Arms and the man-Dr.Bull,Iraq and the supergun Non-fiction 75  
Lucas,F,L Style-(on literature) Non-Fiction 70  
Lucciani,Albino Illustrissimi:The letters of Pope John Paul I Non-fiction 75  
Ludlum,Robert The Bourne identity Thriller 70  
Lugan,Bernard African legacy:solutions for a community in crisis-(in hardcover-good cond.) Non-Fiction 150 y
Lustbader,Eric V French kiss Fiction 70  
Lutyens,Mary-(edt) Effie in Venice-unpublished letters of Mrs,John Ruskin Non-fiction 75  
Lytton,Edward The last days of Pompeii Fiction    
MacCarthy,Mary The company she keeps      
MacDonald,George At the back of the North wind Classic 75  
MacDonald,JohnD A deadly shade of gold Mystery 65  
Macdonald,Ross Black money Mystery 70  
Macdonald,Ross Find a victim Mystery 70 y
Macdonald,Ross Sleeping beauty Mystery 70  
Macdonald,Ross The chill Mystery 70 y
Machiavelli The prince      
Machiavelli The Prince Fiction 65  
Machiavelli The prince and the discourse Fiction    
MacInnes,Helen Assignment in Brittany Fiction 75  
Mackay The adventures of Paul of Taurus Religion 55  
Mackey,Sandra Saudis:Inside the desert kingdon Non-fiction 65  
Maclean Alistair The dark crusader Fiction 65 Y
Maclean,Alistair Sea witch Fiction    
Macquilty,William A life to remember Non-fiction    
Maevey,John W Space weapons,space war Science Fiction 75 y
Magee,Bryan The democratic revolution Non-fiction 65  
Mah,Adeline Yen Falling leaves:the true story of an unwanted Chinese daughter Auto/Bio 80  
Maharaj,Rabindranath R Death of a guru Non-fiction    
Mahfouz,Naguib The dreams-(including Dreams of departure) Fiction 90  
Mahfouz,Naguif Adrift on the Nile Fiction 75  
Mahfouz,Naguif Palace of desire Fiction 90  
Mahfouz,Naguif The beggar,The thief and the dogs & Autumn Quail Novella 90  
Mahmood An Indian civil code and Islamic laws Non-fiction 65 pankaj
Mailer,Norman An American dream Fiction 75  
Mailer,Norman Ancient evening Fiction 90 y
Mailer,Norman The naked and the dead Fiction    
Mailer,Norman The naked and the dead Fiction 75  
Mailer,Norman Tough guys don’t dance Fiction 75  
Majumdar,Amiyabhushan Madhu Sadhukhan      
Malamud,Bernard The natural Fiction 75  
Malgaonkar,Manohar Cue from the innervoice:The voice before big business Non-fiction    
Malgaonkar,Manohar The princess Fiction    
Malgonkar,Manohar A bend in the Ganges Fiction 75  
Malgonkar,Manohar Shalimar Fiction 75 Y
Malgonkar,Manohar The princess Fiction 75 y
Malgonkar,manohar The princess Fiction 60  
Malone,Aubrey More old git wit–Quips & quotes Non-fiction 75  
Malraux Andre The conquerers Fiction 120 y
Manchester,William Winston Churchill-the last lion alone-1932-1940 History 200  
Mandino,Og The greatest salesman in the world Part II:the end of the story- 2 copy Non-Fiction 60 y
Mann,Thomas Buddenbrooks Fiction 140  
Mannin,Ethel Confessions and impressions Non-Fiction 70  
Mansfield,Peter The Arabs Non-fiction 90  
Mare,Walter de La Peacock pie Poetry 75  
Mare,Walter de la The return      
Mare,Walter de lare Stories,essays and poems Non-fiction 75  
Markandaya,Kamala A handful of rice Fiction 60  
Markandaya,Kamala Nectar in the sieve Fiction    
Markandaya,Kamala Nectar is a sieve Fiction 60  
Markandaya,Kamala The coffer dam Fiction 60  
Marquand,John P The late George Apley Auto/Bio 75  
Marquis,Don The archy and Mehitabel omnibus Fiction 75  
Marsh,Nagio Artist in crime Mystery 75 y
Marsh,Nagio Clutch of constables Mystery 75  
Marsh,Nagio Night at the Vulcan Mystery 75  
Marsh,Nagio Overture to death Mystery 75  
Marshall.James Vance Walkabout   75  
Martin, R R & Tuttle,Lisa Windhaven Fantasy 75 Y
Marx,Baldwin,Silone,From,Dostoevsky Man alone:alienation in modern society Non-fiction 75  
Mascaro,Juan–Translator The Bhagawad Geeta Religion   y
Mason,Philip Would you believe it?Odd tales from a weird world Non-Fiction 75 y
Massey,Anne Interior design of the 20th century Architecture 200  
Massie,Robert K Nicholas and Alexander History    
Massie,Robert K Nicholas and Alexandra Non-fiction 65  
Masters,E.T The book of stitches Non-Fiction 175 Y
Masters,Edgar Lee Spoon river anthology Poems 75  
Masters,Edgar Lee Spoon river anthology Poetry    
Masters,Edgar Lee Spoon river anthology—-2 copy Poems   Y
Masters,John Bhowani Junction Fiction 75 y
Masters,John Heart of war Fiction 70  
Masters,John Man of wars Fiction 75  
Masters,John Nightrunners of Bengal Fiction 75 y
Masters,John The breaking strain Fiction 70  
Masters,John The Venus of Konpara Fiction 90 y
Masters,John Thunder at sunset_(HB) Fiction 75  
Masters,John Trial at Monomay Fiction 75 y
Masud,Iqbal Dream merchants,Politicians & partition -memoirs of an Indian Muslim Memoirs 75  
Masur,Louis The real man will never get in the books War/History 100 Y
Mather,Anne Dangerous rhapsody-(Mills & Boons) Fiction 55  
Mathur,Anurag Making the minister smile      
Mathur,Anurag The inscrutable American Fiction 65  
Matthew,Christopher Now we are sixty-(HB)      
Matthews,D.S Medicine my passport Fiction    
Maugham,Somerset W Cakes and Ale Fiction    
Maugham,Somerset W Fools and their folly Fiction 65  
Maugham,Somerset W Of human bondage Classic    
Maugham,Somerset,W Ten novels and their authors Non-Fiction 150 y
Maugham,Somerset,W The razor’s edge-(HB) Fiction 90  
Maugham.Somerset.W Of human bondage Fiction 75  
Maugham.Somerset.W Of human bondage–(an abridged edition) Fiction 70  
Maugham.Somerset.W The explorer Fiction 55  
Maupassant,Guy De A woman’s heart & other stories-(HB) Fiction 80  
Maupassant,Guy de The house of Madame Tellier Fiction    
Maupin,Armistead Further tales of the city Fiction 75  
Maupin,Armistead Maybe the moon Fiction 70  
Maupin,Armistead Tales of the city Fiction 75 y
Maurier,Daphne du I will never be young again Fiction    
Maurier,Daphne Du Rebecca Fiction 75  
Maurier,Daphne du The house on the strand Fiction 70  
Maurier,Daphne du The parasites Fiction 50  
Maurois,Qndre Voltaire Auto/Bio 70  
Maxwell,Gavin Ring of bright water Non-Fiction 80  
Mayes,Frances Bell Tuscany Travelogue 75  
Mayes,Frances Under the Tuscan sun Travelogue    
Mayes,Frances Under the Tuscan Sun Travelogue 90  
Mayle,Peter A year in Provence Travelogue 100  
Mayle,Peter A year in Provence Travelogue    
Mayle,Peter A year in Provence Travelogue 75  
Mayle,Peter A year in Provence–(HB) Travelogue 90  
Mazzucchelli,Mario The nun of Monza Auto/Bio    
McCarthy,Cormac No country for old men Fiction 85  
McCarthy,Cormac The crossing-vol-2 Fiction 120 y
McCarthy,Mary Memories of Catholic girlhood Memoirs 85  
McClure The China years Non-fiction 75  
McCluskey,Lord Law,Justice & Democracy Non-fiction    
McCollough,Colleen The ladies of Missalonghi Fiction 65  
McCourt,Frank Angela’s ashes Auto/Bio 75  
McCourt,Malachy A monk swimming Fiction 70  
McCullough,Colleen A creed for the 3rd Millennium Fiction 70 y
McCullough,Colleen The thorn birds Fiction 75  
McCullough,Colleen Tim Fiction 75  
McEwan Atonement Fiction 75  
McEwan,Ian Atonement Fiction 150  
McEwan,Ian Enduring love Fiction 100  
McEwan,Ian Enduring love Fiction    
McEwan,Ian On Chesil beach Fiction 70  
McGinniss,Joe The miracle of Castel di Sangro   75  
Mcgregor,Jon If nobody speaks of remarkable things Fiction 75 y
Mcknight,Gerald Gucci:a house divided Non-Fiction 65 y
Mclaglen,John Herne the hunter 9:Massacre Fiction    
McLeod,W.H Textual sources for the study of Sikhism Non-fiction 75  
McMurky,Larry Leaving Cheyenne Western 85  
McMurthy,Larry Lonesome dove Fiction 85  
McMurtry,Larry & Ossana Diana Zeke and Ned Fiction 75  
McWilliams,Judith Honarable intentions Romance 75  
Meckier, Jerome Satire and structure-Aldous Huxley Non-Fiction 80  
Meckier,Jerome Aldous Huxley :Satire and structure Criticism 200  
Meddeb,Abdelwahab The malady of Islam Religion    
Medvedev,Zhores Ten years after Ivan Denisovich Non-fiction 75  
Mehta,Gita Karma cola Fiction 60  
Melville,Herman Billy Bud Fiction    
Melville,Herman Billy Bud Fiction 75  
Melville,Herman Billy Budd,Sailor Fiction 75  
Melville,Herman Moby Dick Fiction    
Melville,Herman Moby Dick Classic 75  
Melville,Herman Moby-Dick Classic    
Merton,Thomas The sign of Jonas:day by day experience & meditation of a trappist monk Non-Fiction 75 Y
Metcalfe J.E. & Astle Correct English Language 70  
Meyer,Stephenie New moon Fiction 90  
Meyer,Stephenie New moon Fiction 100 y
Meyer,Stephenie The short second life of Bree tanner Fiction 90  
Meyer,Stephenie Twilight Fiction 75 y
Meyer,Stephenie Twilight Fiction 90  
Michael Baden & Roach Marion Dead reckoning:The new science of catching killers Non-Fiction 75  
Michaels,Anne Fugitive pieces Fiction 80 Y
Michener,James A The bridge at Andau Fiction 70  
Michener,James.A Mexico Fiction 75  
Michener,James.A My lost Mexico Fiction 75  
Michener,James.A Poland Fiction 75  
Mikes,George How to be an alien Humour 75 Y
Mikes,George How to scrape skies      
Miles,Jack Christ:A crisis in the life of God Non-fiction 100  
Miles,jack Christ; a crisis in the life of God Religion 120 Y
Miles,Keith The finest swordsman in all France Non-Fiction 75 y
Milgram Stanley Obedience to authority Non-Fiction 75 y
Mill.Stuart Principles of political economy Non-Fiction 85  
Mille,Richard de Castaneda’s journey:The power and the allegory Fiction 75  
Miller,Henry Nexus Fiction 70  
Miller,Henry The Colossus of Maroussi Travelogue 85  
Miller,Henry Tropic of Capricon Fiction 70  
Miller,Henry Tropic of Capricon Fiction 65  
Milligan Spike The Spike Milligan letters–(edited by Norma Farnes) Non-Fiction 75 k
Milligan,Spike Rommel?Gunner who? Non-Fiction 75  
Milne A A The house at Pooh corner Fiction 75 y
Milne,A.A Now we are six Fiction 75  
Milne,A.A The house at Pooh corner Children 80  
Milne,A.A The house of the Pooh corner Fiction 75  
Milne,A.A When we were very young Fiction 75  
Milton,Giles Samurai William: the adventurer who unlocked Japan History 80  
Milton,Giles Samurai William:The Engllishman who opened Japan History 120  
Milton,Giles White gold Non-fiction 90  
Miner,Margaret & Rawson,Hugh The new international dictionary of quotations–(new)–2 copy Non-Fiction 90 y
Mishima,Yukio The decay of the angel Fiction 80  
Mishima,Yukio The sailor who fell from grace with the sea Fiction 75  
Mitchell,Gladys Tom Brown’s body Mystery 75 y
Mitchell,Margaret Gone with the wind Classic    
Mitchell,Margaret Gone with the wind Classic 75  
Mitford,Nancy–(Edt) Noblesse oblige: an inquiry into the identifiable characteristics of the English Aristocracy Essays    
Mitra,Ashok The starkness of it–(ideas,views perceptions & politics)–new copy Non-Fiction 150 y
Mitra,Sisirkumar The vision of India Non-Fiction   Y
Mnookin Sara James Scatter my ashes at Bergdorf Goodman–(HB) Non-Fiction 300 y
Mody,Aarti Poems Poetry 75 Y
Moliere The misanthrope and Tartuffe Classic 100  
Montaigne The selected essays of Montaigne Non-fiction 75  
Montaigne,Michel de On frienship Non-fiction 75  
Montgomery,L.M Anne of Avonlea Children 70  
Montgomery,L.M Anne of green Gables Children 60  
Montgomery,L.M Anne of green gables–(HB) Children 60 y
Montgomery,L.M Anne of the island Children 70  
Montgomery,L.M Anne of the island Fiction 60  
Montgomery,L.M The blue castle Children 60  
Montgomery.L.M Anne of Green gables Children    
Montgomery.L.M. Emily,of new moon Children 60  
Montgomery.L.M. Rainbow valley Children 60  
Moon Penderel Strangers in India–(1943) Non-Fiction 150 y
Moon,Penderel The future of India Non-fiction 85  
Moon,Penerel Strangers in India Non-Fiction 120  
Moore,Alan No room in the ark Fiction 60  
Moore,Henry T The Priest of love:a life of D.H.Lawrence Auto/Bio 75  
Moore,John Portrait of Elmbury Non-fiction    
Moore,Lucy Maharanis Non-fiction    
Moore,Michael Dude,Where’s my country Non-fiction    
Moorehead,Alan No room in the Ark Travelogue   y
Moorehead,Alan The end in Africa Non-Fiction 75  
Moravia The family dress party Fiction 75  
Moravia,Albert The fancy dress party      
Morgan,Kenneth O-(edt) The Oxford mini history of Britain–vol II History    
Morison,Samuel Eliot The Oxford history of the American people–Vol-3 History 120  
Morris,Desmond Catwatching and catlore Non-Fiction 75 y
Morris,Ivan-(edt) The pillow book of Sei Shonagon Stories 75  
Morrison,Toni Beloved Fiction    
Morrison,toni Beloved Fiction 90  
Morrison,Toni The bluest eye Fiction 75  
Mortimer,John Cliging to the wreckage Auto/Bio    
Mortimer,John Rumpole and the golden thread Auto/Bio    
Mortimer,John Rumpole of the Bailey Fiction 70 y
Mortimer,John Rumpole of the Bailey Humour    
Mortiner, Adler,J Truth in religion Non-Fiction 75  
Morton,Robert F Great issues Religion 45  
Mosley,Charlotte-(edt) The letters of Nancy Mitford Non-Fiction 110  
Mosley,Walter Working on the chain gang:shaking off the dead hand of history Non-fiction 75  
Moule,George & Appleby Steven No honestly, it was simply delicious but I could not eat another mouthful Humour    
Mowat,Farley The Siberians Non-Fiction 70  
MOWDAWALA,Ruzbeh Keki Poems Potpourri & Parsees Poetry 70  
Mrydal,Jam & Kessle,Gun China Non-fiction 75  
Mtecalfe.J.E The right way to spell Learning 45  
Mudoch,Iris A word child Fiction 75  
Mulkerns Val The summerhouse Fiction 70 Y
Mulvaney,Kieran Ice bear: a natural and unnatural history of the Polar bear Non-Fiction 80 y
Murdoch,Iris Henry and Cato Fiction 70  
Murray,Gilbert The frogs of Aristophanes Drama out  
Murty,Sudha The old man and his God Stories    
Mykel,A.w. The windchime legacy Fiction 70  
Nabokov Vladimir Lolita–(HB) Fiction 150 y
Nabokov,Vladimir The eye Fiction 65  
Nadell,Judith & Langan,John The MacMillan reader Learning    
Nagarkar,Kiran Ravan and Eddie Fiction 120  
Nagarkar,Kiran Ravan and Eddie Fiction    
Nahal,Chaman My true faces   Rs.70  
Nandakumar,Prema S.Radhakrishnan Non-fiction    
Narayan,R.K Malgudi Humour 75  
Narayan,R.K The grandmother’s tale Fiction 75  
Narayan,R.K Vendor of sweets Fiction 75  
Nasr,Seyyed Hossein Ideals and realities of islam Religion 120  
Naughton,John A brief history of the future Non-fiction    
Neale,Zora The eyes were watching God Fiction    
Nehru,Jawaharlal A bunch of letters Non-fiction    
Nehru,Motilal The voice of freedom Non-fiction 85  
Nesbit E The Phoenix and the carpet Children 70 y
Nesbit,E Five children and it Children 60  
Nesbit,E The railway children Fiction 60  
Nesbit,E The treasure seekers Children 70  
Newbolt,Henry Poems :new and old Poetry    
Newman,Barry East of the Equator Non-fiction 75  
Nicholson,Harold Why Britain in at war Non-fiction    
Nicholson,Reynold A The mystics of Islam Non-Fiction 100  
Nicolle,David Medieval warfare source book:Christian Europe & its neighbours Non-Fiction Rs.250  
Nicolson,Harold Diaries and letters 1930-1939-(HB) Non-Fiction 145  
Nietzche,Frederick Thus spake Zarathustra–(HB) Fiction    
Nietzsche,Friedrich On the genealogy of morals and Ecco Homo Non-fiction    
Niffenegger,Audrey The time traveler’s wife Fiction 75  
Niven,David The moon’s a baloon Humour 70  
Niven,Larry The ringworld engineers Science Fiction 60  
Nixon,Richard No more Vietnams Non-fiction 65  
nnes Hammons The killer mine Fiction 70  
Norton,Mary The borrowers Fiction 75  
Nossal,Frederick Dateline Peking   80  
Nott C.S Teachings of Gurdjieff:A pupil’s journal–(new copy) Non-Fiction 140 y
Nye,Robert-(editor) Classic folk tales from around the world Fiction sold  
O”Brien,Edna Girl with green eyes Fiction 90  
Oak.P.N The Taj Mahal is a temple palace Non-Fiction 150  
Oates,Carol J After the wreck,I picked myself up,spread my wings and flew away Fiction 85  
Oates,Carol J You must remember this Fiction 75  
Oates,Joyce Carol Small avalanches and other stories Fiction 100 y
Oates,Joyce Carol The assassins Fiction 75  
O’Brian,Patrick Master & commander Fiction 120  
O’Brien,Flann The best of myles:a selection from “Cruiskeen Lawn” Non-fiction 85  
Ogilvy,David Confessions of an advertising man Non-fiction 85  
O’Hara,Mary My friend Flicka Fiction 65  
Okri,Ben Dangerous love Fiction 120  
Okri,Ben Incidents at the shrine Fiction 70  
Okri,Ben The famished road Classic 75  
Ommanney,F.D South latitude-(HB,Pocket) Travelogue 75  
Ondaatje,Michael Running in the family   90  
Ondaatje,Michael The English patient Fiction 75  
Ondaatjee,Michael The English patient Fiction 85  
Ondatjee,Michael Anil’s ghost Fiction    
Onddatje,Michael In the skin of a lion Fiction 125  
Oppeheim,Phillips,E Anna-The adventuress Mystery 65  
Oppenheim Last train out Mystery 70  
Oppenheim Sir Adam disappeared Mystery 80  
Orwell,George Animal farm Fiction 45  
Orwell,George Animal farm Fiction 70  
Orwell,George Down and out in Paris and london Travelogue 180  
Orwell,George Nineteen eighty-four Classic    
Orwell,George Nineteen Eighty-four Classic 65  
Orwell,George Nineteen- eighty-four Fiction 70  
Orwell,George The road To Wigan Pier Non-fiction 75  
Osmond,Andrew Saladin!` Non-fiction    
Oswald,Ian Sleep Non-fiction 55  
Ousby,Ian An introduction to 50 American novels Non-fiction 55  
Oz,Amos Black box Fiction 75  
P c and Cast Kristin Hunted Mystery 100 y
Padmanabhan,Manjula Getting there Fiction 75 Y
Padover,Saul K-(edt) Nehru on world history Non-fiction   pankaj
Page,Martin The company savage   75  
Pagels,Hertz R The Cosmic code Non-fiction    
Paine,Thomas Common sense Non-fiction    
Palahniuk Chuck Invisible monsters remix Fiction 120 y
Palahniuk,Chuck Tell-all Fiction 80  
Palahnuik,Chuck Stranger than fiction-True stories–(HB) Stories   y
Paley, Grace Just as I thought Fiction    
Palgrave,F.T The golden treasury-(poems) Poetry 70  
Palin,Michael Around the world in 80 days Travelogue 75  
Palin,Michael Sahara Travelogue 120  
Pamuk,Orhan My name is Red Fiction 125  
Pan,Lynn Sons of the yellow emperor:The story of the overseas Chinese Non-fiction 85  
Panek,Richard Seeing and believing-(about Telescope) Non-fiction    
Parker,R.H Understanding company financial statements Non-Fiction 80  
Parker,Robert B Promised land Mystery 65  
Parkinson The law and the profits Economics 70  
Parrington,Vernon L The colonial mind-1620-1800 History 75  
Parsons,Tony Big mouth strikes again-(HB) Journalism 90 y
Pasternak,Boris Doctor Zhivago Classic    
Pasternak,Boris The blind beauty Play 90  
Patel,Baburao Grey dust–(Humorous answers to questions) Non-Fiction 1000 y
Paterson,Katherine The sign of the Chrysanthemum     y
Paton,Alan Cry,The beloved country Classic 70  
Paton,Alan Cry,the beloved country Classic 65  
Paton,Alan Debbie go home Fiction 70 y
Patwardhan,M.S Oil and other multinationals in India Non-fiction    
Pauk,W & Wilson J M Readings in English 4 Learning   y
Pavlov Selected works Science    
Payne,Peggy Sister India Fiction 80  
Payne,Robert The tortured and the damned-(HB) Fiction 90  
Peake Mervyn A book of nonsense Poetry 70 y
Pearson,Hesketh Dickens:his characters,comedy,and career Non-Fiction 100  
Peck,Ira The life and words of St.Francis of Assisi Non-Fiction 60 Y
Peck,M.Scott The road less travelled Non-Fiction 70  
Pepys The diary of Samuel Pepys Non-Fiction 75  
Percy,Walker The second coming Fiction 90  
Perrett,Bryan Iron fist-a Classic armoured warfare Non-fiction    
Peter,Thomas & Waterman Robert In search of excellence Non-fiction    
Peters,Ellis A rare benedictine Mystery 65  
Peters,Ellis An excellent mystery Mystery 65  
Peters,Ellis Holiday with vilence Mystery 65  
Peters,Ellis Morning raga-(HB) Mystery 75  
Peters,Ellis The confession of Rother Haluuin Mystery 65  
Peters,Ellis The summer of the Danes Mystery 70  
Petroski,Henry Remaking the world:adventures in Engineering Non-fiction    
Philon Helen Gulbarga. Bidar. Bijapur Guide 75 y
Pilger,John Distant voices–Essays Non-Fiction 120 y
Pilkington,F.M Shamrock & Spear:Tales and legends from Ireland-(HB) Fiction 180  
Pinol Albert Sanchez Cold skin Fiction 100 Y
Piramal,Gita Business Maharajas Non-fiction    
Pirandello Luigi Five plays–(naked masks) Play 160 Y
Pitt,Barrie 1918-The last act      
Plaidy,Jean Castile for Isabella His/fic    
Plaidy,Jean Daughters of Spain Fiction    
Plaidy,Jean The heart of the lion His/fic 70  
Plaidy,Jean William’s wife His/fic    
Plain,Belva Harvest Fiction 70  
Plate,Tom Citizen Singapore;how to build a nation-conversation with Lee Kuan Yew Non-Fiction 120 y
Poe,Edgar Allan Eight tales of terror Fiction 65  
Post Laurence Van der Venture into the interior–(HB) Travelogue 140 y
Post,Laurens Van der A walk with a white bushman Non-fiction 120  
Post,Laurens Vander A mantis carol Fiction 75  
Potok,Chaim Davita’s harp Fiction    
Potok,Chaim My name is Asher Lev Fiction 75  
Potok,Chaim The book of llight Fiction 65  
Potok,Chaim The chosen Fiction 65  
Potok,Chaim The promise Fiction 65  
Potter & Robinson Geology Learning 65  
Powell,Anthony A buyer’s market Fiction    
Powell,Anthony A dance to the music of time-(SPRING) Fiction 90 y
Powell,Anthony The question of upbringing Fiction 65  
Powell,Dawn The golden spur Fiction 80 y
Powell,Margaret Climbing the stairs Humour 65  
Powys,John Cowper The meaning of culture Non-Fiction 75 y
Powys,T.F Mr.Weston’s good wine Classic 110 Y
Pratchet,Terry The Wee free men Fiction 75  
Pratolini,Vasco The naked streets Fiction 75  
Pres.Terrence Des Praises and dispraises-Poetry and politcs in the 20th century Non-fiction    
Prescott,W.H History of the conquest of Mexico–(HB) Non-Fiction 550  
Prescott,W.H History of the conquest of Peru-(HB) Non-Fiction 550  
Priestley,J.B Lost empires Fiction    
Priestley,J.B The good companions Fiction 75  
Princeton Language inst. 21st century grammar handbook Grammar 70  
Pringle,David The 100 best novels-(science fiction) Non-fiction 75  
Pritchett,V.S More collected stories-(HB) Fiction 200 Y
Pritchett,V.S The myth makers-(essays on European,Russian & south American Novelists) Non-Fiction 110  
Proulx,Annie Brokeback mountain Fiction 80  
Proulx,Annie Close range brokeback mountain and other stories Stories 100 y
Proulx,Annie Close range–Wyoming stories Stories 75 Y
Proulx,Annie The shipping news Fiction 75  
Proulx,Annie,E Accordion crimes Fiction 75  
Proulx,Annie,E The shipping news Fiction 75  
Pullman,Philip Count Karlstein Children 70  
Pullman,Philip Lyra’s Oxford      
Pullman,Philip The broken bridge Fiction 70  
Pullman,Philip The firework-maker’s daughter Fiction    
Pullman,Philip The ruby in the smoke Fiction 80 y
Pullman,Philip The shite Mercedes Fiction 70  
Pullman,Philip The subtle knife Fantasy    
Pullman,Philip The tin princess Fiction 70 y
Puzo,Mario The godfather Fiction    
Puzo,Mario The godfather–(seems like pirated copy) Fiction    
Pyarelal The epic fast Non-Fiction 70  
Pynchon,Thomas V Fiction 85  
Quincy,Thomas Confessions of an English opium-eater Non-fiction    
Quinnell Man on fire Fiction 75  
R.G.K A nation in turmoil Non-Fiction 350 y
Raban,Jonathan Old glory Non-fiction 200  
Rai,Vibuthi Narain Curfew in the city Non-fiction 80  
Rai,Vinay & Simon William L Think India(The use of the world’s next great power &what it means to America Non-fiction    
Rajagopalan Get Published! Non-Fiction 75  
Rajan Rohithari IIM- Ganjdundwara Fiction 90 y
Rampa,Lobsang,T Candlelight Non-fiction    
Rand,Ayn Anthem Fiction 40  
Rand,Ayn Anthem (good copy) Fiction 120 y
Rand,Ayn Night of January 18th Fiction    
Rankin,Ian Strip Jack Fiction 75  
Ransome,Arthur Swallowdale Non-fiction 80  
Rao Raja Comrade Kirillov Fiction 70 y
Rao,Raja Comrade,Kirillov Fiction    
Rao,Raja Kanthapura Fiction 60 y
Rashid,Ahmed Taliban:the story of the Afghan warlords Non-Fiction 120 Y
Rasputin,Valentine Money for Maria and borrowed time Fiction 80  
Ratushinskaya,Irina In the beginning Non-Fiction 120 Y
Ratzinger,Joseph Without roots-The West relativism,Chritianity,Islam Non-fiction    
Raverat,Gwen Period piece-a Cambridge childhood Non-fiction    
Rawling,J.F The tales of Beedle the bard Fiction 85  
Rawlinson D.H The practice of criticism Non-Fiction 140 y
Read,Douglas Lest we regret Non-fiction    
Read,Piers Paul Alive Adventure    
Read,Piers Paul Alive Adventure 75  
Reeman,Douglas The last raider Fiction 70  
Rees,Nigel Say no more! Fiction 75  
Rees,Nigel The joy of Cliches Non-Fiction 75  
Reimer,Everett School is dead Non-fiction 75  
Reit,Seymour Guns for general Washington:A story of the American revolution   60  
Remarque,Erich All quiet on the Western front Fiction 120  
Remarque,Erich Maria Flotsam-(a novel of world war II) Fiction 80  
Remarque,Erich Maria Three comrades Fiction 90 y
Renan,Ernest The life of Jesus Non-fiction 75  
Renault, Mary The Persian boy Fiction 70  
Renault,Mary The king must die Fiction    
Renault,Mary The king must die Fiction 75  
Rendell,Ruth Kissing the gunner’s daughter Mystery   Y
Rendell,Ruth Portobello Mystery   y
Rendell,Ruth Road rage Fiction 75 y
Rendell,Ruth The copper peackock and other stories Fiction 75  
Rendell,Ruth The killing doll Mystery 70 Y
Rendell,Ruth The thief Mystery 75  
Reubens,Bunny Monkeys on the hill of God Fiction 70  
Rexroth,kenneth Communalism:from its origin to the 20th century-(HB) Non-Fiction 80  
Reynolds Barbara Dorothy L Sayers her life and soul Auto/Bio 90 y
Reynolds,Quentin Courtroom Non-fiction    
Ribeiro,Darcy Maira Fiction 75  
Rice,Anne Interview with the vampire Fiction 70 Y
Richards J M Memoirs of an unjust fella–(an architecture)–(HB) Auto/Bio 140 y
Richards,Guy The hunt for the Czar Non-Fiction 70  
Rieff,David Slaughter house:Bosnia and the failure of the West Non-Fiction 100  
Ringer,Robert J Looking for no 1 Non-fiction    
Ringer,Robert J Looking out for no.1 Non-fiction 75  
Ringer,Robert J Winning through intimidation Non-fiction    
Ringer,Robert J Winning through intimidation Non-fiction 75  
Rixson,Denis The West highland galley Fic/facts 70  
Robb,Cuthbert-(ed) English essays Non-fiction    
Robbins,Harold The adventurers Thriller 70  
Robbins,Harold The carpetbaggers Fiction 70 y
Robbins,Harold The pirate Fiction   Y
Robbins,Harold The story teller Fiction 70  
Robbins,Tim Even cowgirls have blues Fiction    
Roberts Little Mrs.Manington Mystery 70  
Roberts,Nora A little fate Fiction    
Roberts,Nora Dream makers Fiction 70  
Roberts,Nora Irish rebel Romance 55  
Roberts,Nora Temptations Fiction 70  
Robertson,Pat The new world order Non-fiction    
Robertson,Roland-(edt) Sociology of religion Non-fiction 75  
Robins,Denise Gay defeat Romance 70  
Robinson,Henry Morton The cardinal Fiction 75  
Robinson,Tony The worst job in history Non-fiction 75  
Rodger N.A.M The wooden world: an anatomy of the Georgian Navy History 140 Y
Rodinson,Maxime Mohammed Non-Fiction 125 y
Roffey,Monique The white woman on the green bicycle Fiction 75 Y
Roget Thesaurus Non-Fiction 75 y
Rohmen,Richard Massacre 007      
Rolland,Romain Jean-Chritophe-(abridged) Fiction 65  
Rolph,C.H Further particulars Memoirs 75 y
Roper,Trevor,H.R The last days of Hitler Non-fiction 65  
Rosenberg,John D The genius of John Ruskin-selection from his writings. Literature 200 y
Rosenberger,Joseph Death merchant:Laser war Fiction 70  
Rossiter The first American revolution Non-fiction    
Rostand Edmond Eyrano de Bergerac Play 90 y
Roth,Henry Portnoy’s complaint Fiction    
Roth,Philip Deception Fiction 70  
Roth,Philip Goodbye,Columbus Fiction    
Roth,Philip Our gang Fiction    
Roth,Philip The breast Fiction 70  
Roth,Philip The counterlife Fiction 70  
Roth,Philip The humbling Fiction 70 y
Roth,Philip The humbling Fiction 65  
Roth,Philip The plot against America Fiction 75  
Rough,Alan My sotry:The rough and the smooth-(Football) Auto/Bio 75 y
Rourke,P J O Modern manners-etiquette for very rude people Humour 75  
Rourke,P J O Parliament of whores Humour 75  
Rourke,P.J.O Give war a chance Journalism Rs.70  
Rousseau,Jacques The confessions      
Rowan,Dr,Peter Can you get warts from touching toads? Non-fiction 75  
Rowe,Dorothy Choosing not losing :the experience of depression Non-Fiction   Y
Royer,Louis-Charles Love camp Fiction    
Roza-Luiz Alfredo Garcia The silence of the rain Fiction 80 y
Rubins,Diane Teitel Scholastic’s A + guide to good writing Non-Fiction 75  
Rudorff,R The dracula archives   75  
Ruland,Wilhelm Legends of the Rhine Non-fiction 75  
Runican,Steven At traveller’s alphabet(partial Memoirs) Non-Fiction 70  
Rushdie,Salman Luka and the fire of Life-(HB) Fiction 80  
Rushforth,Winifred Two decades of happenings-the autobiography -(HB) Auto/Bio    
Ruskin,John Muners Pulveris-(HB) Fiction    
Ruskin,John On art and life Non-Fiction 90  
Ruskin,John Sesame and lilies   75  
Russell,Bertrand Authority and the individual Philosophy 70  
Russell,Bertrand Has man a future?–(HB) Non-Fiction 85  
Russell,Bertrand Unpopular essays Philosophy 70  
Russell,John A history of Music( for young people) Non-Fiction 55  
Russell,Kershaw, shellan Taylor Girling Terraces, The jolly good fellow, The man without a name, Who is Bobby Valentine? Play 100 Y
Russo,Richard That old cape magic Fiction 150 y
Sabini,John Armies in the sand:The struggle for Mecca & Medina Non-fiction    
Sachar,Louis Holes Fiction    
Sacher,Louis Dogs don’t tell jokes Fiction 70  
Sacher,Louis Holes Fiction 70  
Sacks,Oliver Awakenings (good paperback copy) Non-Fiction 200 y
Sadulaev,German I am Chechen Fiction 80  
Sagan,Francoise Aimez-Vous Brahms Fiction    
Sagan,Francoise Scars on the soul Fiction 70  
Sahgal Nayantara Lesser breeds Fiction 120 y