Sale at Good Housekeeping Exhibition, World Trade Center, Mumbai

My Jhola and EuphoRHEA invite you to visit their tables at the Good Housekeeping Exhibition this Thursday and Friday (February 28 and March 1).

We will be happy to offer you a tasting of our All Natural, Homemade, Preservative-free Jams. Also on sale are:

-Chunky Strawberry Jam
-Gooseberry and Ginger Jam
-Raw Mango Relish
-Onion Jam

Come taste these seasonal specialties or just drop by for a chat!

EuphoRHEA will display and sell her exquisite, hand-painted ceramic ware. Choose from:

-Classic Indian designs (Warli, Madhubani, etc.)
-Cool Cat designs
-Colorful floral designs
-Adorable lovey-dovey designs, and much more.

Pamper yourself or find a unique gift option in EuphoRHEA’s coffee mugs, curry bowls, sushi plates, snack plates, and much more, or simply come have a look and place a personalized order!

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