The Kabir Festival Mumbai 2014!

Announcing the fourth year of the Kabir Festival Mumbai!

The artists and day schedules will be posted shortly. Please block your dates from the 8th to 13th January 2014.

8th January 2014
2.00 pm: Film – Do Din Ka Mela | Music – Mooralala Marwada (Sophia College)
4.00 pm: Film – Achin Pakhi (Comet Media Foundation)
6.00 pm: Lecture- Amir Khusro by Dr.Sunil Sharma (Cama Institute of Oriental Studies)
7.30 pm: Music – Sufi Gospel Project | Lakhon Da (Y.B.Chavan)

9th January 2014
5.00 pm: Film – Mann Faquiri (Comet Media Foundation)
5.30 pm: Lecture- Amir Khusro by Dr.Sunil Sharma (IIT Powai)
7.00 pm: Music – Flameshot Fakirs (Blue Frog)
7.00 pm: Music – Prahlad Tipanya ( Sangeet Mahabharati)

10th January 2014
4.00 pm: Film – The Heritage of Amir Khusro (Comet Media Foundation)
6.30 pm: Film – Had Anhad (Godrej Cultural Lab)
7.00 pm: Music – Rama Vaidyanathan | Parvathy Baul (Ram Krishna Mission)

11th January 2014
6.30 am: Morning with Music (Carter Road)
11.00 am: Workshop with Prahlad Tipanya (Comet Media Foundation)
6.00 pm: Music – Tipanya Boys | Neeraj Arya | Bhanwari Devi | Mooralala Marwada (Carter Road)
6.30 pm: Dance – Sanjukta Wagh | Music – Shabnam Virmani (New Great Eastern Spinning and Weaving Mills )

12th January 2014
6.30 am: Music – Prahlad Tipanya | Parvathy Baul (Upavan Lake, Thane)
11.00 am: Music – Shabnam Virmani
6.00 pm: Music – Tipanya Boys |Parvathy Baul | Bhanwari Devi | Mooralala Marwada (Borivali Amphi Theatre)

*Events are still being updated*

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